Life in May

It's been such a busy month I've barely had time to stop and find new things to talk about! What with Hen Do's, Weddings and visits to Bath our weekends have been jam packed. I've got a few things on my favorite's list though! Reading The Roanoke Girls - Amy Engel Watching The 100 - I saw a promo for Series 4 the other day and thought to myself, 'That looks right up my street, why have I never watched it before?!' so Amazon is coming though and I am hooked. Wearing Comfy dresses Eating/Drinking Sushi - I have come a bit obsessed, especially now I am a 2min walk away from several sushi places! Listening Harry Styles - I am loving his new album, even though I didn't think I would! It's complet

Fish Pie Recipe

My dad makes a brilliant fish pie, in fact it is one of his signature dishes. When I first moved out of home it was one of the first recipes that I made sure I asked for, to bring a bit of home to where I was. Always a good recipe to have for a family dinner at the weekend and simple to put together you can now bring a little bit of my home comfort food into your house too! Ingredients 800g potatoes Fish mix 1 can of tuna 2 eggs 200g prawns 400ml white sauce (recipe here) Broccoli/Green beans to serve Putting it all Together Peel and chop your potatoes before putting in a pan of water to boil. Cook until soft before adding a knob of butter, a splash of milk and salt to season. Mash until you

What to Pack - Glastonbury

It is only five weeks until the best week of the year! Glastonbury! Every year the race is on to buy the coveted tickets and after the adrenaline has gone and you find yourself a winner of what feels like a golden ticket you have nine months of waiting before you can actually step foot in the fields of dreams. I have been lucky enough to do this five times, and am looking forward to making it six in a few weeks. Most of you will know how special Glastonbury is to me, as it is where I met my husband in 2010 and where he proposed in 2015. We were unable to go last year as we were saving for the wedding but we will be back in force this year. I am by no means an expert on what to pack but with

Goats' Cheese Canapés Recipe

Canapés are one of my favourite foods. I love that you can just keep popping them into your mouth, although dangerous as you lose track of how many you have actually eaten.... These goats cheese variety certainly fall into the category of 'How many have I eaten?' and are incredibly moreish especially just out of the oven. If you really want to up your canapés game I suggest serving these with a dollop of chutney on top. Ingredients 150g plain flour 100g butter, softened 125g goat's cheese 1 large egg yolk, beaten ½ tsp salt Instructions Preheat the oven to 190°C and line a baking tray with baking paper. Put the flour and butter in a large bowl and mix together with your finger until


At my friend's birthday the other day we ended up discussing our top three favourite/worst smells. A bit of a random conversation I will give you that but it led us to conclude that although some were different, the majority of us chose 'freshly baked bread' as one of our favourites. This made me wonder if we are all programmed to think the same and go with the crowd, or if there are just certain smells that everyone's brain finds pleasing. With this in mind I have written today's blog post on Love/Hate - a list covering the five senses and my thoughts on each. I'd be really interested to read yours in the comments and see if any match! Sight Love 1. Spectacular views 2. Anything Christmas

KERB The Bucket List

When I first heard about The Bucket List from a friend I wondered if anything more perfect had ever existed! 8 traders all with a different take on fried chicken and a competition to see who was the best! If you know me at all you will know that my love for fried chicken almost rivals my love for Mac & Cheese. I like nothing more than some succulent chicken and some crispy seasoned batter. Seven of us booked our tickets and headed over to the venue in Kings Cross to begin our feasting. On arrival we were handed a bucket with a pink token for a drink, a yellow for voting and a card with the vendors names. Settled at a table, which we had to defend for the entirety of our stay, we picked the s

Storytime: Hotel Motel

In a small city on the outskirts of a small county you will find a small motel. This general hovel of a motel has a cracked pink façade, brown stains running down from the drainpipes like mascara making tracks through blusher on a girl’s overly rosy cheeks. Outside in the parking lot with the faint smell of gasoline in the air the cars sit half-baked in the sun, their bonnets staying cool under the metal awning. The pool has a rusty slide leading down into the sludge of green water, in which sits a blue and red inflatable ball, burst, and trying to float. In typically old clichéd style a few letters of the motel’s sign are hanging off or broken and the remaining lights flicker unconvincingly