Pumpkin & Butternut Squash Soup Recipe

Looking for something to do with all those pumpkins you've carved for Halloween? I've got just the thing for you this week with a soup that you can make with bits you have in the cupboard and celebrating some seasonal veg. Ingredients 1 small pumpkin 1 butternut squash 3 carrots 1 medium onion 2 garlic cloves 1ltr chicken broth 60ml single cream Putting it all Together Preheat the oven to 190c Chop the top off your pumpkin and scoop out the insides, before chopping into quarters. Do the same to the butternut squash and pop it all into a large baking tray. Drizzle over olive oil and season. Bake for 40 minutes and once cooked set to one side. Whilst the squash and pumpkin are cooling chop the

Apple Crumble Recipe

Apple Crumble is without a doubt one of my favourite puddings and in honour of World Apple Day (yes it really is a thing...) yesterday I decided to whip up an apple crumble to celebrate. With a buttery topping and soft cinammony apples this dessert works best with custard in my opinion although ice-cream works well too if your teeth can handle the hot/cold effect this may have. Definitely a recipe to add to your cooking skills list. I have to add a note of apology also that my pictures aren't up to their usual standard, blogging after work in the impending winter does not offer the best light conditions... Ingredients For the crumble 175g plain flour 110g golden caster sugar 110g cold but

One Year Married

In four days I will have been married a whole year and I have to ask myself how did that happen so quickly? If I think back to this time last year with nearly a year and a half of planning behind me and the big day looming I think I would have said how long it took for the date to arrive. Isn't it crazy how time is so dependent on the situation, you want it slow down so it speeds up, the days slipping by - if you want time to go quickly, it drags more than watching a kettle boil (why does that take so long?!). So how does it feel now? When we were first married I got asked all the time, 'Does it feel any different?' My answer to that was always, 'Actually, yes...' I know that most people sa

Beef & Vegetable Pasties Recipe

The start of Autumn means that I can eat all the warming food I want and thanks to this recipe so can you, you are so very welcome. There is a little bit of prep time needed for the pastry (2 hours) so make sure you keep that in mind, but as you can make the filling whilst the pastry is chilling, it’s quite quick once it’s out of the fridge and in to the oven. If you aren’t a meat eater I’m sure it would be very easy to swap ingredients out, a spinach or butternut squash substitute would work very nicely. Comfort food at it’s best.... Ingredients 500g palin white flour, plus extra for dusting 300g diced beef 300g potato 250g swede 75g cold butter 100g cold lard 6 knobs of butter 1 egg

Ten Autumn Fashion Buys

You know how much I love Autumn/Winter, I've spoken about it enough! It's not just the thought that I can wear jumpers day in and out it's also the colour palette, it's so warm and inviting. Not to mention fireworks, chai lattes, crisp mornings and the odd pumpkin carving or two. I have knocked up a list of some current Autumn high street buys that I love and will be trying hard not to buy every single one. I think 5 & 6 would look gorgeous together and 3 and 8 paired with some black jeans would add a splash of autumn colour without having to do much at all. Some of the bits below are in the sale as well so make sure you nab them while you can! Happy Shopping! 1. Red Flute Sleeve Skater Dres

Five Dystopian Reads

So I was on the look out for some good dystopian novels and after some research settled on the below five. It turns out that I didn't love all of them, but I wanted to include them in case they sounded like they tickled your fancy instead! Novels impact individuals differently, that's one of the reasons people return to literature time and time again so it may be that you dislike the one's I loved and vice versa but you should you give them a try, which I really hope you do. I've listed them in my favourite order, and tried to include my positive things about each one. The One by John Marrs My favourite of the five books, this novel explores the possibility that we all have a soulmate and th

Ginger & Chocolate Torte Recipe

So sometimes in life you just need a rich, decadent, chocolate dessert which is exactly what this torte gives your tastebuds. I have added ginger to give it a little kick but you could leave this out should you just wish to go with the full on chocolate experience. Ingredients Torte 350g dark chocolate 2 tbsp Stone's Ginger wine 2 tsp ground ginger 250g unsalted butter cocoa, for dusting 100g light muscovado sugar 140g caster sugar 75g ground almonds 5 eggs 40ml ginger syrup (from stem ginger jar) 50g chopped stem ginger Ganache 140g dark chocolate 2 tbsp Stone's Ginger wine 150ml double cream 25g unsalted butter Putting it all Together Heat the oven to 170c. Put the chocolate, butter and gi