Life in November

It's hard to say how quickly this month has gone because the first part absolutely dragged because we were waiting to see our first scan but the last couple of weeks have gone so quickly because we are now just ticking along and Christmas and 2018 are nearly here. Mostly November has consisted of staying in because I'm sleepy and pubs aren't so much fun when you're drinks options are limited but I've still got some things to share with you. Reading All the Little Children - Jo Furniss Watching Mostly just a continuation of all the shows from last month. I haven't started anything new this month, but do let me know if you have any suggestions. Wearing Comfy Clothes - Jumpers, Baggy Tops, T-sh

Months Four - Six TTC

Month 4 3rd July I can only hope that we are as lucky as a four leaf clover this month. We have moved into temperature testing to see if that makes any difference but the ovulation tests aren’t exactly screaming, ‘Try now, try now, try now’ which worries me. I also had a lovely conversation with a friend about cervical mucus testing which I’m not sure is a sentence that I ever thought I would say out loud, let alone to a friend. I think Leigh is starting to feel the pressure too because I cant help but shout ‘GO, GO, GO’ at him when I'm ovulating. I’m having to field questions left, right and centre about 'When I’ll be trying? Am I pregnant yet? and Do I want children?' I’m trying to think i

Lemon & Ginger Cheesecake Recipe

Guess who has a crap ton of ginger nut biscuits in her house? If your answer was Cara then you win the prize. I find myself with an abudance of biscuits and with the neusea now gone I didn't want them to go to waste so I thought I'd combine them with the other food type that got me through the first trimester, lemon. This Lemon & Ginger Cheesecake is no bake, so no fuss. Just make up, pop in the fridge for min 6hours and you're good to go. My reccomendation is to make it the night before and have it for breakfast but then I have the excuse, 'It's what baby wants,' so I'm def the one winning at life right now. But FYI if you prefer baked cheesecake - I've got a recipe for that too here. Ingre

Black Friday Deals

It's that time of year again! When shopping becomes ok because everything has money off so *technically* you're saving money whilst you spend and what could be better than that? I know that there are some mixed feelings about the fervour around the big sales days like Black Friday but if you view them as a chance to do some last minute shopping, for some discounted prices then what can be so wrong about it? I have rounded up some of the deals available at the moment across a variety of stores so all you need to do is click the link and voila you are in shopping sales heaven. You are most welcome boys and girls. Just call me Santa. Accessorize Up to 30% off Asos Up to 20% off everything. Code

Months One -Three TTC

Month 1 Could trying for a baby be any less glamourous?! The first time we tried was great, I felt a real bond with my husband, we were trying to make a new life and I got quite over emotional as I am prone to do. All I could think was, THIS IS THE TIME. We had decided to try and make babies every day between periods in an attempt to provide my little egg with enough sperm that it had its pick of the boys. My husband was delighted at the idea of this 2010 style relationship he would get to have and I was keen for any baby making opportunity so things started out really well! After day 5 though we were both a little bit tired though, and by day 11 we’d had quite enough and were almost rel

Chorizo Pasta Recipe

Pasta might just be my favourite. I've been eating quite a bit of it over the last 4 months and so I've been looking for different sauces to liven things up since all I could stomach was plain pasta with cheese. Delicious in its own right but now I'm FINALLY getting my desire for taste back this rich tomato sauce with a kick from the chorizo is just what I'm looking for. Thirty minutes tops to put together and the majority of the ingredients can be found in the the cupboard or fridge. We're back cooking! Ingredients 120g chorizo 200g linguine 1 tin of chopped tomatoes 2 cloves of garlic 1 large red onion Handful of spinach Pinch of chilli flakes Pinch of fennel seeds 50ml red wine 2 tbsp tom

Five Fave Fashion Finds: The Red Edition

You'll have noticed that I mentioned 'Red' in my October Faves, and that's because I can't get enough of the colour at the moment. Red has always been a shade that suited my hair and skin tone so I am thrilled that it's the AW fashion colour of 2017 because it means there is lots up for grabs for me. With new bits being added to my wardrobe/dresser all the time I wanted to share my five current faves with you. 1. Red Scarf - H&M I can't find this scarf on the UK website (so have linked the US) but it was in store in Oxford St last week so it may be best to have a look see in your local branch. 2. Red Cardigan - George Asda So they list it on their website as Orange but it's that gorgeous sha

First Trimester

I've got a task for you. Imagine you have drunk six or seven pints (or whatever your drink of choice) on an empty stomach and you end up going to bed at 2am and have to get up for work at 7am. You know that queasy feeling that sits in your stomach all day as you try and get through work in a zombie like state. Well that's been my life for the last three months. They tell you the first bit is hard. You go into it expecting to feel a bit rubbish but nothing can really prepare you for how you are going to feel when everything around you smells. All the good things and the bad. My commute in was absolute hell because a) coffee and b) perfume. So much perfume, until I walked around with a permane

Oh My Baby Goulding

WE ARE PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8th September 2017 I can't even breathe. I didn't realise I could be this happy, and I can't quite believe it. I knew I was feeling queasy for a reason! Where do I even start? It's just unreal. We’ve only gone and bloody made a baby haven’t we?! After six months of trying, tears and a lack of hope on my part we’ve finally had some luck and I literally couldn’t be happier right now. It’s all I can think about and for someone that normally drops off to sleep within moments I am going over everything that the next 9 months will bring in my head. 10th November 2017 The paragraph above was written about 10 minutes after we took the test and as you can se

The Cotswold's

Not your usual recipe this Sunday but instead I am going to tell you all about our night away in the Cotswold's. Whilst we were there we sat down to a couple of very scrumptious meals so I figured it covered me for all of you who come here for the food photography. We started our journey to our bed for the night from Portishead, having attended a wedding there the previous day. Keen to take in some of the countryside we made a few pit stops along the way, stopping first at a Great Witcombe Roman Villa found off the beaten track. Once we'd had our fill of history and walked the footsteps of our ancestors, we hopped back in the car and down the windy country lanes we found the tiny village of

Life in October

Now that October is over does it mean that I'm officially allowed to be excited for Christmas? I mean, I'm going to even without your permission because it's the most wonderful time of the year. But before we can start celebrating and buying mince pies we have some favourites to get through. Reading The One Memory of Flora Banks - Emily Barr Watching All the autumn/winter shows are back on so I’m suddenly inundated with tv shows to watch: Walking Dead Stranger Things American Horror Story The Gifted The Flash Supergirl Wearing Super soft t-shirts – I found this gorgeously soft t-shirt in George and I love it so much I’m going back to buy it in every colour option. They have more of a selecti