Nursery Tour

I have been so excited to share the Nursery with you all. It is BY FAR my favourite room in the whole house which is probably a good thing as I'll be spending lots of time in it I'm sure. The journey to completion actually started before I even knew that I was pregnant. We live in a rental but luckily our landlady has always said treat the house like it is yours and so I begged Leigh to at least let us try a few tester pots on the walls and pick a colour for when we did eventually fall pregnant and start decorating. We decided that white walls were rental friendly and as we didn't know the sex it made sense but grey is my favourite colour so I wanted to add that in around the room so we deci

Baby Shower

Maybe it started as an American tradition but I'm glad baby showers have made their way over to the UK because what could be lovelier than spending the day with all your favourite women drinking prosecco and eating cake? I've been looking forward to my baby shower for months. It has been a little shining beacon in a pretty miserable third trimester. My mum hosted at my home in London and as I mentioned it was so warming to be surrounded by people that care. We played games, chatted lots about the Baby, scared a few non pregnant friends with facts and I opened lots of beautiful presents for the baby. You could see how much thought had gone into each item which made it all the more special

What's in My Hospital Bag?

Last week I bought you 'What's in Baby's Hospital Bag?' and this week it's my turn! We had the same dilemma as the baby bag – knowing exactly how long we were going to be in the hospital for – but like the baby bag I packed enough for a couple of nights and remembered not to forget about Leigh! Again I don’t know if I’ve packed too much stuff, I tried to think about it like we were going away for the weekend and what we would take, apart from I’d mostly just be in a nightdress. I don’t think I’ve ever owned a nightdress in my life, I’m a pjs girl with socks and a jumper through and through but the baby isn’t going to be able to come out if I’ve got trouser bottoms on so I have to make some c

What's In My Baby's Hospital Bag?

I've tried to hold off for as long as possible to pack the hospital bags because I wanted to have some fun things left to do towards the end of the pregnancy but with the possibility that baby may have to be induced early I've actually ended up packing the bag a couple of weeks early rather than the 34 weeks I had planned just to be on the safe side. The bag itself I picked up from Mothercare, you can find it here. This was one of my earliest purchases and will be the nappy changing bag once the baby is born. I love it because: a) The colour b) Leigh can use it without feeling like it's too 'girly' c) The changing mat is attached with magnets which I think is the coolest thing ever Deciding

Butternut Pesto Lasagne Recipe

I love a lasagne. I'd go as far as to say it's one of my top 3 favourite meals. So imagine my dismay at the realisation that because of the gestational diabetes I can't eat the pasta or the white sauce. It just wasn't going to do to be honest so I set about making a lasagne that I actually CAN eat. Instead of pasta sheets I used butternut squash lasagne sheets, I made my own cheese sauce with just cream and cheese - no flour needed and it's packed full of vegetables. If you wanted you could omit the meat and have a lovely vegetarian lasagne but it's up to your personal preference. Ha GD! I've won this time. Ingredients 400ml double cream 50g creme fraiche Tin of chopped tomatoes 220g cheddar