A Letter To My Baby

Dear Baby, You aren't here yet but I already feel like I know you. I feel like I know the kind of person you will be and how much I will love you. We've had a little bit of a journey together you and I. You've made me feel so proud. I didn't know it was possible to feel a mother's pride before you even met your child but with every ounce you have put on I felt my heart swell. You have just kept going and kept growing, surprising us all by staying in right to the end. You have tested Mummy's nerves, but I think you will probably do that for the rest of our lives together. I will always worry about you now, because it's my prerogative. I have wanted to meet you for so long, I've dreamt about t

Making The Most Of Maternity Leave

To begin with I thought I could get away with leaving work a couple of weeks before my due date, leaving me lots of time with the baby at the other end but after taking advice from several women who have already been through it they suggested that I would be absolutely shattered by 38 weeks and that maybe I should consider going on Mat a little earlier. After some consideration I decided that going on Mat leave at 35 weeks would work well for us, with the Easter Bank Holiday helping to further the few days holiday I had left, but it seemed like baby had other ideas... When it became clear that baby wasn't putting on weight and when I had to have steroids I spoke to my doctors who suggested t

Third Trimester

You could say that the third trimester hasn't exactly been smooth sailing. In fact it's been a whole load of crap and only started to get slightly better in week 35. Was I naive to think that I my pregnancy would be smooth sailing with just the normal level of symptoms etc? I haven't seen that many pregnancies in recent years to compare mine to so it's difficult to know but I feel like I've just been hit with problem after problem and it's made it quite difficult to enjoy a time that I've looked forward to my whole life. As I'm sure you all know (because I do nothing but talk about it) in week 28, just entering my third trimester I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. And my God I was mi