Becoming a Mum

'How is being Rosie's mum going?' my best friend innocently asked me the other day and suddenly it hit me. I'm not Cara anymore - I'm Rosie's mum. I mean, I'm not suddenly going to lose myself but there does have to be a degree of change to how I act and the choices I make. Something as simple as crossing the road suddenly becomes a challenge as I try to find a zebra crossing rather than just dashing across at a break in traffic like Cara would have done. Rosie's mum however is sensible and looks left, looks right, and checks again. Rosie's mum only orders half pints and drinks a pint of water along side it instead of necking five pints and thinking nothing of it. Rosie's mum checks the weat

One Month with Rosalind

They said it was going to go quickly and they weren't wrong there. I'm not quite sure how we now have a month old baby but here we are. My friend asked if I'd found the experience of having a baby easier or harder than I imagined, and I have to say (please don't let me jinx it), easier. My midwife warned me that I shouldn't talk about what a good baby Rosalind is to everyone because it will sound like I'm gloating but I can't lie! I don't want to be 'that' mum, the one that thinks their child is the best ever and constantly has to outdo the other mums and their children. But in this instance I'm going to tell the truth, and the truth is she's a bit bloody perfect. Yes, we have days where she

New Mum Essentials

One of my favourite things to read when I was pregnant, and something that helped a great deal when I was buying items for Rosie were blog posts about new mum essentials so I thought I would put my own list together to try and help any new mums out there. Once the initial disbelief wore off that, yes we do actually now have a baby, and crap - our lives really are never going to be the same we have spent the first few weeks of having a child learning what works and what doesn't. We are very much trying to figure each other out at the moment. For the most part I have been incredibly lucky and she is a dream (I've heard the first one can be to lull you in to a false sense of security so you ha

Birth & Delivery Story

There's a new, very special little person in my life and her name is Rosalind. You know they say that for most people the moment you look into your child's eyes you just know. You know that you'd do anything to protect them and that from that moment on everything else pales and they are the brightest thing in the room. When I saw that wrinkled, slightly purple, covered in blood and gunk, face starting at me over the lowered screen and I looked into the bluest eyes, I knew. I knew that everything had changed and love at first sight really did exist. But first we have to get to that moment and it wasn't as quick as I'd hoped it would be. It all started on Tuesday 17th April. I'd been successfu