The First Night Away

I've known that this day would come for some time. In fact we discussed how I would act and feel with a friend when I was still pregnant. She asked how I was going to feel about leaving my baby with the in laws overnight, to which I replied, 'Are you joking! I can't wait to get drunk! Besides she will be over three months and it has to happen sometime.I'll be absolutely fine,,,,' Except it isn't bloody fine. Because we have got a wedding this weekend and Rosie isn't invited (completely understandable) which means the day I have to leave her behind is nearly upon us and I am filled with dread. Because my response was based off someone that just wanted a drink and didn't realise that being awa

Three Months with Rosalind

This was the month I was least looking forward to because it means that she is no longer classes as a newborn and that is quite terrifying because after 9 months of waiting for a baby, I'm not quite sure how we got to the stage that she is now quite so quickly. And I know I say this every month, every week, every day but can time please slow down? She looks at me now, and I mean she really looks at me, and she just looks so bloody happy to see me all the time. When I leave the room she will twist her head to see where I'm going and it's just the sweetest thing. We are starting to build such a wonderful relationship even though she's still so tiny. I am desperately trying to hold on to every

Summer Clothes: Baby Boys & Girls Edition

I think we can officially say that Britain is having a summer, rather than the week we usually get. Of course this offers the perfect excuse to buy lots of lovely summer clothes for the little ones. I have to admit that it's been so hot that Rosie has mostly been living in her nappy but for when the babies needs some clothes I've compiled some summer looks for both boys and girls, and all are high street so they aren't going to break the bank. I might have to put myself on a clothes spending ban though, her wardrobe is bigger than mine... Girls 1. Llama skirt - Next 2. Tassel dress - Next 3. Boden dress - John Lewis 4. Stripe dress - John Lewis 5. Dungaree dress - H&M 6. Romper - H&M 7. Leg

What's in my Baby Changing Bag?

I've been meaning to do this post for a while especially as I found others like them so helpful when I was pregnant and thinking about what I would need in my changing bag. It is so strange for me to not have a handbag anymore, its now essentially Rosie's bag with some of my things thrown in. After carrying a bag in some form for the majority of my life I constantly feel like I've left it behind somewhere, as it's usual home is on the pram and not on my shoulder. I spoke a little about the bag itself in my Baby Hospital Bag post, which you can find here. I really liked it when I bought it, it has lots of little pockets, the changing mat is included and magnetic and the colour is neutral. My

The Mumsition Book Launch

You may have heard me talk about Mush before, but if you haven't, Mush is the reason that I have any mum friends at all. Having opted out of NCT and antenatal classes I was decidedly mum friendless, with the few friends that do have children not living close and not on Maternity Leave. I spoke to my neighbour who recommended I download an app called Mush, basically a version of Tinder but for meeting mums. You create a profile, add your postcode and voila! It brings up all the mums who are in your area, providing distance from your postcode plus a picture of them and how many children they have/ how pregnant they are. It was an absolute godsend and I set about saying hello to lots of pregnan