Life in the Dark | Natural History Museum

In a world full of baby groups it is very easy to forget that, as fun as they are, they aren't particularly enriching. We have decided that once a month a culture day is needed, where we get out and about in London and explore all the many things it has to offer. It's also good to venture further than the little corner we have been living in, there's only so many times you can walk around your local park. So on a continued exploration of enlightening Rosalind's mind we set off to the latest exhibition at the National History Museum. One of my mum friends had suggested 'Life in the Dark' as a good place to start as it would work as a baby sensory for them. We set off, baby wearing and hopping

Four Months with Rosalind

The start of this month seems like such a long time ago because in all honest the past two weeks have been hard work. Rosalind is going through some major developments and is definitely not a tiny baby anymore. We saw a 3 week old when we were out the other day and she looked absolutely tiny in comparison. Like I said, this month has seemed quite long because every day has been a challenge and she requires much more entertainment now. Although I miss the easy days of sleep, feed, change, repeat and I'm not getting through quite so many boxsets I'm enjoying the interactions with her and seeing her grow. I need to start thinking about making some changes to her baby equipment, she really can't

Coffee Morning & Bach to Baby

I knew that my maternity leave would be filled with lots of different baby groups and I was looking forward to getting involved and clapping and singing whilst making a bit of an idiot of myself. But what I didn't anticipate was sitting in a church filled with mums and babies whilst listening to classical music and to be honest, living my best life. It started with a coffee morning at my friend's house. We arrived and instantly set about warming the food, making the tea and helping each other out with our babies. I've mentioned these girls before in another post but as someone who didn't do NCT (therefore missing out on the mum friends bit) I have still managed to find two of the best women

A Breastfeeding Journey

I actually don't like the word 'journey' to describe my experience with breastfeeding. I think it makes it sound like I've had a difficult time that has improved as we've gone along when in truth it has all been an incredibly positive experience and something I want to share to show that it isn't all bleeding nipples, blocked milk ducts and public shaming. I suppose it is worth me mentioning that I know not everyone has the same experience and for some their story is a lot different but for me it has been relatively easy. Also it goes without saying that if you are unable to breastfeed you will find no judgement here, you keep being an amazing mum and just keep that baby fed. I was unsure if