First Foods: Weaning Journey

The time has arrived that we can start trying Rosalind with food and this is one of the stages I have been most looking forward to. I love to cook and I love food so the thought of trying all these different flavours on her for the first time is just so exciting. I can't remember the last time I tried a new food but she gets to do that every single day at the moment. I wasn't sure which method of weaning I wanted to try, there are so many strong opinions, positives and negatives about Traditional Weaning (TW) or Baby Led Weaning (BLW). I thought that we would probably just try her with some porridge to start easy and then just go from there. Once Rosie hit all the markers that she was ready

Six Months with Rosalind

My baby is half a year old! I can't do emojis on here but if you just picture gushing tears you'll know my face right now. It's so strange because it really only feels like a couple of months ago that we were all tucked up in a newborn bubble and now every week there's a new development. I met with a friend recently and her baby is 10 weeks younger than Rosie but she felt so fragile and so newborn. Rosie has definitely become more robust and strong without me even realising. I can't believe that this time again and she will be celebrating her first birthday. I'm hoping that I will be able to cling on to her babyness but she's just progressing at an alarming rate, especially this month it see

Sleep Training

Let me tell you a bedtime story. Once upon a time there was a little girl who like to sleep, she slept for all her naps, she slept through the night. She slept through football matches and hoovering. On people, in prams and lying in her bed. Her parents were overjoyed and smug. 'Look at our clever little girl!' they cried. Then one day the little girl stopped sleeping like a newborn and started sleeping like an adult and suddenly her Mummy found herself up 1,2,3,4 times a night trying to settle her daughter to sleep. In the day, the naps stopped happening in her bed and she refused to sleep anywhere but on her Mummy. After many weeks of this a friend suggested white noise. Having already tri

How To: Milk Bath Photoshoot

I am never one to say no to a reason to take photographs of Rosalind and so when I saw the milk bath photos circulating I just had to try and do my own. I love how they are something different to try and I had fun figuring out what worked best for the image. For once she wasn't smiling in the bath but I think the sullen, model pout adds to the overall feel of the photograph. I asked on Instagram if anyone was interested in seeing how I went about doing this and the answer was a big yes! So I thought I'd do a little blogpost with the process to encourage you to do one if you were unsure as they are super easy but so effective. You'll need: Bath Warm water Whole milk Real flowers & foliage (fa

Rosalind's First Holiday

How early is too early to start travelling? I'm so excited to show Rosalind the world and all it has to offer as she grows so we thought let's start her travelling experience and first memories in our home away from home, at her great grandparents house in Portugal. We got off to a rough start, if you follow me on social media you will know that we had a hellish journey to get there. We were worried about travelling with a baby for the first time but it turns out she was the least of our worries. We had to contend with cars breaking down, heavy luggage, long queues, lost property and misdirection when picking up our hire car. It all started with our car breaking down on the way to the airpor