Seven Months with Rosalind

SO much has happened this month, Rosie is just going from strength to strength and hitting all her development targets and then some! It's such a lovely feeling the sense of pride you feel for your babies when they learn something new. It makes me so excited for all the things to come although I think I really have to start thinking about the next few months and what I need to do to make sure the house is safe Feeding Despite saying that I was going to go down the Traditional Weaning route it seemed that my daughter has other ideas. She started clamping her lips shut and turning her head away every time I tried to feed her. Frustrating, but, we decided instead to try some Baby Led and it see

Day Trips: London Zoo

Was there anything more exciting when you were little than going on day trips? I remember the anticipation in the lead up and skipping through the gates of wherever we had gone ready to explore and have fun. Of course Rosie is a little bit young for skipping at the moment but I still hope that she will feel the excitement on day trips to come. Until that moment arrives I will just have to make do with being excited for her, which is exactly what I did yesterday when we went to London Zoo. We haven't been in years, probably when we first moved to London, so at least 6 years ago but with friends visiting and a desire to see some animals off we went. Getting there wasn't particularly difficult,

Maternity Leave: New Ventures

I'm sure 90% of women who head off on their Maternity Leave have grand ideas about how they will spend their time. Will they write the next hit novel, start a business or learn a new language? Could they be the next star baker or develop a talent for needlework? Then, inevitably, the baby arrives and they realise that actually its all consuming and they are lucky enough to have a shower in the morning let alone brainstorm how to take over the world. But despite all this in mind I really wanted to find a way to bring in a little bit of extra money, to keep me in coffee mornings at least. All jokes aside, it's hard going from two full time salaries to one full time, and the last of a maternity

Autumn/Winter Collection: Breastfeeding Edition

Back in the summer I did a Breastfeeding Fashion: Under £40 which was a huge success, so many of you got in touch to ask for the link to it. I thought therefore that I should do an updated version for Autumn/Winter. Just a warning, not all of the bits below are under £40, this is more of a AW collection, although you'll be happy to hear that all but one are breastfeeding friendly. I have to say, I don't know which Fashion Gods are smiling down on us right now but the trend for shirt dresses and button down tops is sticking around and I'm very much here for it. Life is just so much easier when you are in clothes that work with you rather than against you! It is so strange, I feel like I've fo