Eight Months with Rosalind

I swear I just did one of these? It's the last update for 2018 as well, it seems crazy that I started doing these in April. A few more milestones hit this month, she's right on track (if not a little advanced but shhh, I don't want it to seem like I'm bragging!) and it turns out there's a massive difference between a stationary baby and a mobile one. Feeding Food just seems to have taken off, and she is finally showing signs of interest. We are now sitting down to three meals a day, and I'm following the guidelines of 2-4 tablespoons of food per meal but I'd say she normally eats around 2 comfortably. I have also relaxed the no fruit rule as she's a girl that loves her veg so I don't need to

Day in the Life

I love seeing these little snippets in to people's lives and it's one of the most common questions that I get asked – 'What is your daily routine like?' so I thought I'd share my 'Day in the Life' with you. I should probably add that 90% of the time I am found at home lounging around in my pjs with my hair in a bun but for you I made the effort to get dressed.... Our day usually starts at 7am when Rosie will wake us up, this is a pretty consistent wake up time unless she has woken up around 5am for a feed, in which case it's usually 8am. Either Leigh and I will go and get her, and bring her into our bedroom where I give her some milk and nappy change. It's becoming increasingly risky to do a

Making the Most of Instagram: Tips & Tricks

How can I grow my Instagram following? How do I make my grid look pretty? What on earth is Shadow Banning? I've decided to do a bit of a throwback blog style post and try to answer some of the most asked questions on one of the most used social media apps. I've picked up lots of tips and tricks over the last year whilst running my 'baby/parenting' Instagram and so I wanted to share these with you. I'll be talking about topics like the best time to post, the amount you should post, and good ways to grow your following. Hopefully you read something here that you didn't know and it will be able to help you make the most of your Instagram. I also asked on the 'gram for people to let me know if t