Ten Months with Rosalind

The big double digit month. What a grown up my little girl has become, and how quickly too. It has been a month of some big achievements and also some big changes for me. We have definitely settled into a lovely routine together and it's just a joy to watch her grow and learn every day. Feeding Eating seems to be going better over the last month, she is happy to tuck into dinner every night although a little resistant to lunch still. I am thinking about moving her main meal of the day to lunch time instead so that way she will have more calories to burn during the afternoon. I have also become a lot more relaxed with fruits and sugar. She desperately needs the energy, and it's not like she's

A Parent's Love

Love. You think you know what love is. You've read all the classic books, watched all the romantic films. You've probably felt love in it's many stages, whether it be a slow burning love that takes you by surprise or an instant sweaty palms, flipping stomach kind of love. If someone asks you, 'What is Love?' you can give an answer. For me, love is knowing you'd always choose the other person over yourself. That they make you feel like your best self simply by being around. It's not the easiest concept to put into words but you could do it. The kind of love that you can't give an answer to, don't expect and can't explain is the love you have for your child. To those people that haven't been t

Family Meal Planning

One of the things I was super excited about when having a baby was all the meals that I would be able to plan for her and the tastes she'd be able to explore. I was really eager to make sure she got home cooked meals but to do that I needed to do some planning or else I'd be reaching for the easy meals more often than not. We also all know that Maternity Pay doesn't last forever, nor is anyone living on maternity pay particularly well off, so I've found that planning for the week/two weeks/month ahead is key in saving the pennies. We've recently started shopping at Lidl because we have one on our doorstep and it's far cheaper than the usual supermarkets. I also prefer Lidl nappies to Aldi so