Lusso Babies Changing Bag - Review

The baby changing bag is perhaps the most important piece of baby equipment you will own. You wont leave the house without it, especially in the early days and it will hold absolutely everything you need. Therefore the bag you choose is so vital to get right. You need something lightweight, preferably with a changing mat included and insulated space for bottles is also ideal. It needs to hold all the milk/snacks/nappies/wipes/spare clothes/toys and they need to be easy to find in the depths of the bag too. We have been sent this beaut Lusso Babies Changing Bag to try out and I have to say I'm not disappointed. We've had the same changing bag since Rosalind was born and I've always regretted

Eighteen Months with Rosalind

In preparation for writing these posts I've been reading over her last update which was six months ago and the difference is just incredible. The amount that has changed in six months and how much she has grown is unbelievable. They go from being these tiny little helpless babies to basically being able to take over the world! I am so glad that I am keeping a log of all these little details and all the little quirks that make her so special because time moves so quickly I'd be worried that I'd forget it all otherwise. FEEDING Rosalind currently has two bottles of whole cows milk a day, around 8oz a bottle, at 12pm and at 7.30pm. It is a pretty much near constant demand for 'Mik-Mik' though,