• Cara Goulding

Life in January


Maestra - L.S.Hilton

The Handmaidens Tale - Margaret Atwood


The Halycon - This ITV show set in WWII is just my cup of tea. The music wants to make you dance and the glamour even in times of hardship draws you in.

Charmed - An oldie but a goodie! I have been re-watching all of Charmed, and I'm currently on Season 7. I love going back to shows that you have watched before, there is something familiar and comforting about them.


Bobble Hats - I have invested in not one but two bobble hats to take me through the winter! I like to shake my head from side to side.

Big Scarves - SO many scarves, I love winter because it gives me an excuse to wear all of the layers and cover up

Pinafore Dress - I feel like I'm about 12, but I just can't help myself. The velvety texture, the wintery colours. I am in love with my pinny!


Fish Finger Wraps - I've taken the Fish Finger Sandwich up a level, into wrap form! I am a lover of all things sandwich/wrap based so these have been filling my tummy on the reg.

Chicken Noodle Laksa - I posted a recipe for this soup here, and it has been a very warming, yummy lunchtime treat to have and is relatively simple to make up at the weekend for the week ahead

White Chocolate Milk - I got some of White Chocolate Milk in my food shop because it looked delicious and I was right! It's not going to win any health awards but I always like to have something sweet after my dinner and this hits the spot.


Shape Of You - Ed Sheeran

Tuesday - Burak Yeter (ft. Danelle Sandoval)

Automaton - Jamiroquai


Marble top counter - I went out and bought some sticky backed marble and I have completely transformed my IKEA butchers block. It looks just like it has a marble top and I'm so pleased with it.

Bullet Journal - I have taken up the art of Bullet Journalling and will be writing a whole separate post about this, but I thought it should get a mention here too as I have been loving this new way of trying to stay organised, plus it looks pretty as well!

Garlic Press - So this is a bit of a random one but I have wanted a garlic press for ages and I finally got one for Christmas. I actually don't know what I have been doing with my life until this moment. I smell a bit more though because I have been putting garlic in EVERYTHING.

Sims 4 - Another Christmas present and probably the best thing that the husband has ever bought me, and that includes my diamond ring! Anyone who knows me will know that I am mildly obsessed with the Sims but I didn't have a PC with enough fire power for the SIms 4. Leigh finally cracked and is letting me play on his Mac! Many a happy day has been passed in January playing this game!

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