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Bullet Journalling - Getting Started & Impressions

So this post is really only going to attract those who are super organised and love a list!

I first heard about Bullet Journalling last year when Buzzfeed posted this article but didn't try it because a) I thought it was a lot of hype and didn't really want to join the bandwagon and b) it was mid year and I couldn't stand the thought of starting a new journal/diary not in January!

However as 2017 rolled around I thought I might look into it again and so dutifully bought myself a new journal and eagerly awaited it's arrival so I could get started. They say that the best journal to use is the LEUCHTTURM one as it has dots for easy grid drawing/keeping straight lines but I didn't want to pay over £10 for a notepad when I might have tried it for a week and then given up (something I do with most hobbies), so found this one on Amazon. It is small so fits in my bag and has lots of lovely blank pages for me to fill, although in hindsight it may have been easier to get the LEUCHTTURM notebook as I seem to spend half my life drawing with a ruler which I think would be eliminated with dots.

The general set up is easy enough, there is a video you can watch here if you are interested in starting your own. The journal is basically just a way of keep a to-do list with different symbols for your tasks to help you keep track.


. a task

x task complete

> task migrated

< task scheduled

o event

- note

* priority

! inspiration

? Explore

You have a Index for keeping track of pages, a future log for all upcoming events within the year, a monthly log for each month, a weekly log and then a daily log. You can also tap into a wealth of inspiration available online or across social media to create 'spreads' or single pages, like 'Sleep Logs' or 'Books Read/To Read'. I love being creative so I spent about a week trying to make my journal as beautiful as possible before it was time to use it.

On first thoughts it has made my life easier. I don't worry that I have forgotten to do something because I know that it will be in the journal. On the other hand I don't think it has made me more organised, I just end up migrating the task to the next day and then the next. I have set a rule now in my work and personal life that I am only allowed to put something off for 3 days. I must have it done by day 3 and so far this has seemed to work for me in all aspects. There have also been pages that I set up that I have not kept up to date.

After keeping the Bullet Journal for a month I knew what I needed to streamline or just get rid of. I went into February with a lot fewer monthly spreads then when I started. I have lost my Gratitude Log because I just wasn't filling it in at all, it's not that I wasn't grateful I just kept forgetting to update it. I have changed my Weekly Log from two pages to one as it was taking up quite a bit of time every Sunday drawing it all out and the whole point of me starting this was to keep it up which I won't do if it becomes time consuming. In response to this I have condensed several items and made my daily log bigger so rather than the whole week over a 'spread' I have made the daily entries half pages and now include my daily log, sleep log, my meals for the day and a space for a paragraph 'diary entry.' I have kept the weather, notes, water count and have added 'At a Glance' to the Weekly Log. In this format I remember to fill certain things in because they are more memorable.

It is definitely a work in progress and has taken a bit more conditioning then I thought. I have to make a conscious effort but that is more based on me as a person than the bullet journal. It is certainly helping me remember things with greater ease, and I like making it look pretty! I think I will be using the bullet journal method for a few more months to come but I wonder if in the long run I will slip back into my old disorganised ways.

Cara x

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