• Cara Goulding

Life in February


Hold Back the Stars - Katie Khan

The Vanishing Year - Kate Moretti


Legion - I wish this show was on Netflix so I could binge watch! I am so excited every week for a new episode which is a sign of a good show!

Emerald City - This take on the Wizard of Oz is unfolding nicely, bringing the format into the 'now'. It has a few familiar faces and seems to have a better budget than I originally thought. Easy nostalgia watching on a Wednesday evening.


Black Jeans - It turns out that even though I have a new job in the city and I thought I would need to dress like a 'city type,' it is super laid back in the office and so I have just been living in my jeans which is fine with me!


New Recipes - I have been on a real hunt recently for new things to cook as I feel we have the same things for dinner all the time. In a bid to do this I have been going through my cookbooks and finding some delights.


You Don't Know Me - Jax Jones

The Right Song - Tiesto, Oliver Holdens

Ready for the Good Life - Paloma Faith


Friend's Babies - This month I have been lucky enough to spend time with two of my friend's babies and they are just perfect. I can't believe we are not grown-up enough to be married and have children.

Throwback Thursday (on Spotify) - Spotify has been bringing the tunes every Thursday. There has been a distinct garage vibe of late, and it is giving me all of the feels

Pancake Day - Ok, it hasn't happened quite yet but I am loving that it is in less than a week because Pancakes are life.

1 Second Everyday - A work colleague showed me this app and I think it is just genius. You record one second of your day and save it in the app. You can then run a slideshow on the date parameters of your choice and see what you got up to. I have made Leigh download it too and we are going to see how different our year has been in December! The app is free for android and £4.99 for i-phone users.

City Working - I am a month into my new job now and I have to say I am loving it! The commute is ridiculously short, my work colleagues are lovely, I have less responsibility and stress which is a good thing(!), I'm surrounded by all the food places London has to offer and the view is an iconic London skyline. It's 1000 miles away from my old job! (although I do miss the students).

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