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It turns out that two blog posts in a week is actually quite hard to do. Looking at the stats for my posts it is hard to tell what you all want to read about, for instance my blog posts on ’10 things’ is my most read post but then when I posted about the wedding again it fell a bit flat. In trying to find some inspiration I turned to my old blog to see what I had written about and I realised that I used to post quite chatty blog posts. Not really about much, just having a general chat, updating you on my life etc. So today I am going to do one of those posts because I originally started blogging as a substitute for the diary I stopped writing and I do love to talk.

So what has been going on with me?

I have a new job! Well actually I have two new jobs! I have my full time position as a Membership Co-ordinator, looking after members and organising events. The commute is bliss, only 32 minutes if I time it right, and the people seem lovely. I also recently picked up a volunteer position as a Publicity Officer for Oldland Mill. The Windmill has family ties, as my Great x 5 relative used to mill there. I will be looking after all their social media and publicity which I am very excited about doing as it will be great experience. It’s all a very strange shift from my old job, and it is very different walking to work surrounded by towering buildings and people popping into Pret every two seconds just because there is a queue for the FREE machine in the office building. I miss the fields of the school as much as I thought I would.

After the wedding it was such a relief to be able to eat and not think about fitting into a dress that I may have got slightly carried away and eaten everything in sight. At least this is how it feels when I look in the mirror! I think it’s time for me to start looking at eating better again because I do not have a high metabolism and my double chin needs to check itself. A facebook memory came up yesterday and I’d responded to a comment about a 20lbs weight lose that apparently I achieved in 2011. In the comment I said that I had given up cheese, bread, crisps and that I was eating vegetables and salad and going to the gym twice a week. I actually don’t know who this person is. But in an attempt to reconnect with my clearly better self I am going to be doing the same thing again. Although I wish I’d started doing this a year ago so I could have been slimmer in the wedding photos….

Love life is, of course, pretty awesome. Leigh and I are on the approach to seven years together, and sometimes I have to take a step back and go ‘Bloody hell, that’s a long time’. Being married to him has some real weight behind it. Lots of people have said that nothing really changes but I don’t agree. I love him more, I love having a new name, I love seeing two rings on my finger, I love that every decision we make is for OUR future not just mine. Recently a few friends of mine have had the horrible feeling of a relationship ending, and I am so heartbroken for them, it has also made me appreciate what I have even more. I would hate to have to go through what they are right now, having been through it myself. They are constantly in my thoughts, as it is such a horrible thing to have your life changed and ripped away from you.

We have spent a huge amount of time with babies in the first part of this year. My best friend had an adorable little boy at the start of the year and I have been able to see him a couple of times although I wish it was more. My other friend bought her daughter to London for the first time and it was lovely to catch up and marvel at how much she had grown in six months. We also just spent the weekend with the in-laws and it was our nephews 4th birthday which was celebrated in style with cake, bouncy castles and seventeen very excited screaming children. A picture came about of two of my closest friends with their children and I just couldn’t believe how grown up they are and this is the world we are moving in to filled with lunch dates rather than an after work drink (or five).

I was with a couple of friends the other day and I found myself watching one of the many protests that are currently happening in America on my FB live feed. My friend asked what I was watching and when I told her she said 'That's boring! Put that away and join the conversation!' In fairness to her I shouldn't have been looking at my phone whilst socialising, but I found myself getting quite frustrated by her reaction, because everything that is happening right now is anything but boring. I think the watching, commenting and discussions are so important. The conversation with my friends should have been about the current affairs and issues that are happening in the world today. I am not particularly political, nor am I ever going to compete with some of the writers out there that can put the most eloquent political piece together, but I am feeling so strongly about this it needs a mention. Surprisingly one of the main feelings I have been getting throughout the recent weeks has been the feeling of Hope. So many people, different religions, different cultures, have come together to unite and stand up and say, 'This is not ok.' What frustrates me so much is the thought that any one man/woman would victimise a whole set of people on the actions of others. Fear breeds Fear. You cannot turn your backs on people that need support because you are afraid. You are playing right in to the hands of the people whose cause is to spread malicious intent. We are all here, we all have the same rights, it is not up to any one person or government to govern all.

On a happier note, I’ve got some exciting things coming up. My little brother is getting married in a couple of weekends which is sure to be emotional, especially as I have to give a reading which I need to get through without crying. My 29th birthday is next month, which begs the question ‘How will I spend the last one of my twenties?!’ and also ‘How did I get here so quickly?!’ – a topic which I am more than happy to ignore! I might try and make a list of ‘Things to do before I’m 30’ though, a bucket list of sorts before I go into my next decade. Also in April is a much anticipated and overdue trip to see my friend, her fiancé and baby in the deepest darkest Wales. It takes nearly 6 hours to get there from London which is why we haven’t been nearly as much as we should have. It will be lovely to spend some time and relax over the bank holiday weekend. We also need to pay for Glastonbury next month, I am VERY excited about it this year as we had to miss last year due to finances. I’m going to have to start thinking about my Glastonbury wardrobe soon. We are hopefully heading to the South of France for our holidays in August, we looked at a couple of further flung places but after L.A and Bali last year we can only really afford France. Still I’ve never really holidayed in the South apart from a day visit to Nice six years ago so I’m looking forward to all the cheese and baguettes.

Please do let me know what you think of these more chatty posts, I want to produce content that you actually want to read!

Cara x

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