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Life in March


Larchfield - Polly Clark


Big Little Lies - Alexander Skarsgard. That is all.

Beauty & the Beast - I went to see this with work and it was just the most perfectly magical thing that ever did happen. If you have any love for Disney, or just feel like feeling all warm and fuzzy inside for a couple of hours, go and see this film!


Out - I have never eaten out so much in my life! It feels like since I started my new job all I do is either grab lunch out or have to eat dinner out because I've been for evening drinks. To be honest I miss the cooking!


Craig David Live Show - Ladbible streamed CD's live show the other night and it was, of course, the best thing ever. I have listened to it every day since! Every Little Thing She Does is Magic - Sleeping at Last - A really beautiful cover of this Police song. Imagine - Asylum Mix - Taking it back a bit! Loving all the old garage tunes at the moment


Cat Mug - Whilst hunting for a new bag in New Look I stumbled across these adorable mugs and bought three! Now my new work bestie and I have one and I also gave one to my friend for her birthday!

Gold & Pink Headphones - These headphones were reviewed on Buzzfeed and I had just lost my headphones so decided to try them out. I normally go for hook headphones, as I have extra cartilage in my ears so in-ear headphones tend to fall out, but these were just too shiny and gold to refuse! They came in a little presentation box and multiple sets of ear buds. They also cancel out all sound which, when travelling, is ideal! Cactus Vase - How wonderful is this vase from George? Hitting all of the current trends and I am a little bit in love.... My Brother's Wedding - My brother got married this month and I spent the whole day crying! I was so proud of him and he looked so happy all day. I've also gained a sister in law which is lovely! I had to do a reading which was a bit bloody nerve wracking but I made it though without any mess ups, The venue was beautiful and it was great to spend time with family. Congratulation again both!

Surprises! - Completely unexpected and out of the blue my best friend turned up to the pub last weekend. This was unexpected because a) She lives in L.A and b) she wasn't due over until May! She hadn't told anyone she was coming and had even managed to keep it a secret when I skyped her the day before! It was so wonderful to see her because I miss her every single day and I had a smile on my face for the whole week she was here. What a luxury as well to be in the same time zone!

Cara x

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