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Thirty Things To Do Before I'm Thirty

It's my 29th Birthday in two days! The last one of my 20's and I'm still not sure how I got here. Twenty-one really does feel like yesterday and it's just all getting a bit grown up and responsible isn't it? I'm not really sure at what point I stopped getting I.D'd, when I realised I'd rather spend a weekend at home, or that I started thinking seriously about my finances and the sorry state of them! A lot of my friends can't understand why I place so much importance on age, but I think it is more to do with thinking that I haven't accomplished all I thought I would by 30. If you asked my younger self where she thought she'd be on the approach to a new decade there would be some differences to the reality! As a treat I've included me through the years on all my birthdays! 20-29.....

So I thought a fun thing to do, although I may regret some, is to do a 30 things before I'm 30 post and over the next year attempt to work my way through the list, of course trying to blog about as many as possible, so you can share my final year of youth. Before I really can't get away with pretending to be young and naive...

The List (In no particular order)

1. Learn how to sew

2. Get a second tattoo

3. Join a dance class

4. Drive solo

5. Finish a short story

6. Learn how to make puff pastry from scratch

7. Go Social Media dark for a week

8. Visit Irealnd, so I have actually been to all of the U.K

9. Have my portrait taken

10. Go on holiday in England

11. Pay off the credit card

12. Camp in the middle of nowhere

13. Go to a football/rugby match

14. Listen to a podcast

15. Go to a karaoke bar

16. Read a classic book (war and peace, moby dick or something similar)

17. Make my own cookbook

18. Take a cross-country road trip

19. Go on a hike

20. Help out at a soup kitchen

21. Stop criticizing my body

22. Give blood

23. Go Vegan for a week

24. Get my fortune read

25. Start a herb garden

26. Take a 'How To' class

27. Declutter my house

28. Eat at Dans le Noir

29. Learn how to apply makeup properly

30. Live this year to the fullest

Have I missed anything? Is there anything that you think I should do before the big 3-0? Let me know in the comments!

Cara x

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