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Life in April


The Two Family House - Lynda Cohen Loigman


Doctor Who - A new series has started which is always exciting, I'm really liking Pearl Mackie as the companion although still after all this time do not like Peter Capaldi as the Dr.

13 Reasons Why - Because I am a sheep, and I'm fed up with seeing it all over my news feed and having no idea what anyone is talking about


See through dresses

Summer Flower dresses


Homemade bread


Whiskey Kisses - MiC LOWRY

Sweeter than Wine - Dixon Vs Davey Boy Bassline Mix

Living - Bakermat


Bread Maker - I got a bread maker for my birthday and it might just be the best present ever. Is there anything nicer than the smell of freshly baked bread? This does all the hard work for me and makes a tasty loaf with no effort on my part. I've also been using Oldland Mill flour to make a 50/50 loaf which works really well.

Little Printer - I have wanted a phone printer for months! All you need is a phone, a photo from you camera roll and you are good to go. It connects via bluetooth and uses no ink. I think it is magic! You can get similar ones here.

Birthdays - It was my 29th birthday at the start of the month which is just crazy because I have no idea where the years have gone. I had a really lovely day on the Friday, eating cheese and sitting in the sun. On the Saturday my friend organised a historical pub crawl complete with quiz, before we headed out clubbing in Camden. I realised years ago that you only need to invite the people that you know care about you and so spent a lovely day with my closest friends.

Honeypot - Another birthday present but once again I had some brilliant ones this year. Leigh would call it clutter, I would call it the cutest darn thing I ever did see. He's a bear with a honey stick and when you take his head off you find the honey inside. I'm a little bit in love with him...

Cara x

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