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What to Pack - Glastonbury

It is only five weeks until the best week of the year! Glastonbury!

Every year the race is on to buy the coveted tickets and after the adrenaline has gone and you find yourself a winner of what feels like a golden ticket you have nine months of waiting before you can actually step foot in the fields of dreams. I have been lucky enough to do this five times, and am looking forward to making it six in a few weeks. Most of you will know how special Glastonbury is to me, as it is where I met my husband in 2010 and where he proposed in 2015. We were unable to go last year as we were saving for the wedding but we will be back in force this year.

I am by no means an expert on what to pack but with some experience under my belt I wanted to share this list with you so you don't end up like me, with a backpack full of clothes and other things - half of which I didn't even wear or use! I've put together a list of essentials I just couldn't do without and plan on taking with me. I've tried to keep it quite 'desirables' free but knowing me I will end up taking half my jewellery anyway!

1. Wellington Boots - Even if the weather looks like it is going to be glorious sunshine, pack these! I know they are heavy but it only takes a little rain and 130,000 people to turn the ground to mud.

2. Coin purse - Something small that can be hidden away. There are cash points around the place and it is advisable not to carry too much cash. Always sleep with your valuables in your sleeping bag at the bottom by your feet.

3. A pen - It might not seem that important but it's useful for circling acts you want to see on your guide or writing phone numbers on hands, like I did with my husband!

4. A torch - If you want to get back to your tent at night without tripping over a million tent ropes then take a torch. See also - finding your pjs in your tent!

5. Baby wipes - Basically your shower for the five days of the festival, unless you fancy queuing for an actual shower.

6. Flip Flops - Take some lighter shoes with you so that if it is sunny your feet don't swelter and for mooching around your camp in the morning.

7. Clothes - Look, I know festivals have become fashion shows, I am the worst for this. You really do only need one outfit for every day you are there though, in some cases not even that - make a pair of jeans/shorts last 2 days. It is sensible to pack one additional outfit in case everything you own becomes covered in mud/wet but think dry and warm rather than skimpy and fashionable!

8. Water Container - This is up there in my top things to take. Fill it up when you arrive for easy access to water for toothbrushing, hand washing and ask a friend on day 3 to pour it over your head for hair washing, you feel like a new person afterwards!

9. Snacks - Always handy for night time munchies or when you are back at the tent for a bit. I usually tend to take a multi pack of crisps to tide me over.

10. Pillow - One year my friend forgot to pack a pillow and had to sleep on her clothes for 5 days. This just brings a little comfort to sleeping on the floor.

11. Toilet Roll - Take a roll, carry it everywhere. You will thank me.

12. Hair ties - Just a must.

13. Bin bags - Nobody likes a dirty camp and you will be amazed at the amount of rubbish that builds up. Glastonbury is all about 'Leave No Trace' so be respectful of the farm.

14. Phone Battery Pack - You are going to need to pack one of these if you plan on using your phone. Even on flight mode you are going to run out of battery leaving you potentially with no way to access your friends should you lose them.

15. Sunglasses - Good for hiding tired eyes

16. Water Bottle - I don't need to tell you, it is SO important to stay hydrated. Especially in an environment where there is normally a lot of drinking/dancing/sweating. There are water taps EVERYWHERE so make sure you always have some on you.

17. Socks - Pack all of the socks. You don't want wet feet!

18. Camera - For capturing the memories, same as above, you take valuables at your own risk and ALWAYS sleep with them at the bottom of your sleeping bag or put in lock up.

19. Waterproof Jacket - Don't be an idiot. They might not be fashionable but when it's a choice of standing in the rain and not getting wet and cold you should take that choice. And buy a decent one that isn't going to get soaked through, which is what I didn't do one year and got soaked to the skin.

20. Vaseline - Nobody likes dry lips.

21. Paracetamol - Headaches are likely, especially with the sun/alcohol/dehydration we spoke about earlier.

22. Jumper - It can get very cold in the evening, even if it's been a glorious day. Wear to bed but be prepared to wake up sweating in your tent, there's never a good balance!

23. Phone - If you have an old phone take it, I normally take my last phone before my upgrade. You don't want to lose anything that is precious to you.

24. Compact Mirror - Your only real access to see how grubby you look.

25. Hairbrush - To try and tame your hair into a non greasy, tangled mess

26. Watch - Buy a cheap watch, perfect for meeting up with friends and making sure you are on time to bands.

27. Breakfast Bars - Handy in the morning and for saving money, we always have one of these so we only need to buy lunch and dinner.

28. Berocca - You, but on a really good day.

29. Condoms - Let's keep it safe guys...

30. Bag - Something small that you can keep the essentials in, like your water bottle & toilet roll. You don't want to have to keep going back to your tent throughout the day

31. Alcohol - If your back can take it and you want to save money try and take some alcohol in with you. Remember to decant all liquids into plastic bottles and recycle when you have finished!

Hopefully this list is helpful for figuring out some bag essentials. In the end all you really need is yourself and a deserve to have a good time! And maybe the wellies, don't forget those!

Have I forgotten anything? Is there something you use that you think I might benefit from? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Cara x

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