• Cara Goulding

Life in May

It's been such a busy month I've barely had time to stop and find new things to talk about! What with Hen Do's, Weddings and visits to Bath our weekends have been jam packed. I've got a few things on my favorite's list though!


The Roanoke Girls - Amy Engel


The 100 - I saw a promo for Series 4 the other day and thought to myself, 'That looks right up my street, why have I never watched it before?!' so Amazon is coming though and I am hooked.


Comfy dresses


Sushi - I have come a bit obsessed, especially now I am a 2min walk away from several sushi places!


Harry Styles - I am loving his new album, even though I didn't think I would! It's completely different to how I expected which shows you just shouldn't judge Chasing Highs - ALMA


Rose Gold Headphones - My love affair of rose gold continues, extending now to these rather beautiful headphones.

Friendly faces - It is always a joy when my best friend comes back from America, and I got to spend a whole day with her this month catching up on everything and reminiscing as only people who have known each other for so long can!

Summer - Every year we have a massive clear out of our garden in the summer. Neither of us are particularly green fingered and I am not a massive fan of any sort of bug so our gardening mostly consists of hacking the bushes away and lots of squealing but this year we were joined by a robin who ate all the bugs, although didn't stop the squealing because you know, Ornithophobia.

Hello Fresh - I was given a code by a friend to receive a free box and they saw me coming! It was just all so lovingly wrapped, with gorgeous recipes and tiny little foods for a single meal, meaning no waste. If only it didn't work out to be so expensive we'd be getting this every week!

Glastonbury prepping - I love a list and this is the perfect time to be making one! Plus it means I have a legitimate (kind of...) reason to shop.

Cara x

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