• Cara Goulding

Glastonbury Festival Look Book

My husband is going mad because I keep buying clothes but I have finally finished my festival look! I am going to try very hard to stick to just the below and not pack anything extra, especially with the new bag searches that will be taking place, it will be quicker with less items but when are women ever really known for packing light? I'm one of the worst!

Look 1 is all about the travel as I head into Glastonbury, all black to hide that backpack sweat and wearing the wellies so I don't have to carry them. Look 2, I mean I said I'd never wear a jumpsuit to a festival but this one is very easy to get out of for minimal toilet struggles. Look 3 is a lovely maxi dress, with a detailed strap back for swishing around the festival. Look 4 - it's another maxi dress - here's hoping on that abundant sunshine Accuweather is predicting! Look 5 is all about the shimmery mermaid skirt and Look 6 is comfort for the way home, making use of those jeans again to cut down on packing.

1. Black T-shirt . Black Jeggings . Wellington Boots . White Crochet Kimono (similar)

2. Floral Jumpsuit . White Trainers . Sunglasses

3. Black Floral Print Maxi Dress . Black Kimono . Sandals

4. Black Maxi Dress . Layered Necklace . Sandals . Black Backpack

5. White T-Shirt . Silver Skirt . Waterproof Jacket . White Trainers

6. Black Jeggings . Grey Jumper . Wellington Boots

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