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Life in June

Sorry, I'm a bit late with this post and so we are actually in to July, but I didn't want to miss June out as there have been a few things I really want to share with you.


Station Eleven - Emily St. John Mandel; This is of course a dystopian novel because they are my favourite. Thisbook was listed here and I thought I'd give it a try. I wasn't disappointed and read obsessively for a couple of days.


The Handmaid's Tale - You need to watch this show NOW. I don't care if you haven't read the book, or if you have a million TV shows to watch, put this at the front. It has been so well filmed and I don't even mind that it drifts from the book somewhat. Just go and watch it and then come and tell me what you think!


Summer clothes

Fancy dresses


Paella - I seem to be eating my weight in this, choosing to have it twice at Glastonbury! To see my recipe here.

Olives - It has been a long time coming but I am slowly introducing black olives into my cooking in a bid to like them I think my taste buds might be changing because I'm including them in everything at the moment and not hating it.


Royal Blood - After seeing them at Glastonbury (def top 3 fave moments) I have been low key obsessed with their album

The Way You Used To Do - Queens of the Stone Age

Feels - Calvin Harris, Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry

Bad Liar - Selena Gomez


My Dad Wrote A Porno - In an attempt to complete my list (30 Things to do before I'm 30) no. 14 states listen to a Podcast so I went to my friend for some inspiration and she suggested this one. I freaking love it! I listened to the whole 1st series in a day, calmed down a bit on the 2nd as I knew I'd have a little wait and now I'm up to date and have to wait for #pornoday like everyone else! If you want a laugh, give this a listen.

Platter Boards - I'm planning on having a tapas evening soon (now I have a small appreciation for olives) and have wanted a couple of big paddle boards for a while so picked up this one and this one relatively cheaply.

Glastonbury - Obviously. You can read about my week there, here. It's just like going home.

Cara x

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