• Cara Goulding

Mayfield Lavender Fields: Day Trip

Mayfield Lavender Fields have been on my to do list for quite some time but as they sit on the other side of London I've been a bit lazy about actually venturing that way. it's hard to believe that such a place could exist on the fringes of London. When you think of Lavender fields your mind normally jumps to the south of France rather than just past Croydon but it turns out you don't even need to get on a plane.

All I needed to get my lazy arse there was a car, so when we randomly went and purchased one a couple of weeks ago (I know, it's like I'm a proper grown up) we tootled along the North Circular in pursuit of fields of purple. I'd read that as you round the corner you should take a deep breath, and I wasn't disappointed because I could smell it before I could see it. And it smelt like floral heaven.

My nose palette preference has changed recently and rather than the sticky sweet smells found at the bottom of old perfume bottles I have been favoring floral scents. Gone are the thoughts of my Gran's bathroom soap!

We drove in, paid our £1 entry (pp) and parked up. It was a vibrant purple as far as the eye could see, with the odd flash of colour popping up as people jumped in the air to get their photographs. The smell of lavender whilst walking through the fields didn't overpower, it smelt fresh and clean even when sitting hidden in the lanes of flowers.

We started towards the back fields as the front had been harvested, Mayfields is open until Mid-September so if you plan on going head there soon!

If you want to go somewhere that you feel the bees are safe, then here's your place! They buzzed very happily around the flowers, drunk on the nectar, lazily flying from one stem to the next. There were hundreds of them happily minding their own business and going about their day and keen to have their photograph taken....

It seemed that everyone else wanted their photograph taken too. The fields were filled with people trying to get their photograph for Instagram and who am I to not follow the crowd, even though I struggle to feel comfortable posing like some people. We passed a girl all in white which looked incredibly striking against the purple who had the model pout and positions down. I always end up looking pissed off if I do a middle distance stare so instead I opted for a happy beam...

Or crying with laughter as I tried to take an arty shot from the ground.....

Instead of rolling around on the ground like an idiot, I thought I should probably get back to taking the kind of photography I'm half decent at! The lavender is ridiculously photogenic, unlike myself, and we spent the good part of an hour walking though, taking pictures and reminding each other to breathe deeply and clear London from our lungs.

Once we'd taken about a million photographs we strolled over to the shop where there were a variety of different lavender based products for sale, which of course I bought far too many of. I picked up some lavender bread, lemon and lavender jam (a recipe using this will be coming Sunday), a pouch of seeds and an actual plant so we can recreate the smell at home and maybe encourage bees of our own. Everything was reasonably priced which we were pleasantly surprised by, gift shops can charge through the roof sometimes. We didn't stop for any food but there food truck was also doing a roaring trade selling gourmet burgers and lavender cake.

We had such a lovely little hour or so walking round, and saw everything from a women playing the flute and having her picture taken, to a couple having their wedding photos taken. There were families, couples, children, everyone soaking up the sun and smell. It was almost a shame to leave but with a bit of a journey back we jumped in the car and drove off very happy with our first road trip!

If you want to go and see the fields yourself and you aren't lazy like me there are lots of different ways to get there, just check their website for more info.

Something else to happen as a result of a day in the fields, I was shattered by 9.30pm and went to bed, the lavender working it's magic on me like Dorothy in the poppy fields in Oz.

Cara x

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