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Asparagus & Halloumi Pasta Salad

I've mentioned before my salad dodging ways and my constant battle to find a salad that doesn't make me unhappy. I think I may have found one! Homemade tomato pesto, halloumi, pasta, what isn't too love here? As with most of the recipes I post, it is really quick to make so you don't have to spend too long faffing in the kitchen and can get on with whatever it is you like doing best.


1 clove garlic

1 tbsp pine nuts

1/2 tsp smoked paprika

6 pieces sun-dried tomato

4 tbsp Greek yogurt

175 g halloumi

6 asparagus

1 courgette

200 g fresh pasta

salt & pepper

Putting it all Together

To start, add the small clove of garlic to a food processor with the pine nuts. This needs to be blitzed until finely chopped. Add the sun-dried tomatoes paprika, before blitzing again. Finally, add the Greek yogurt, salt and pepper, and blitz one final time to combine. This will be the lovely tomato pesto base for the salad.

Dice the halloumi into 1cm cubes and add to a dry frying pan, cook over a medium heat stirring occasionally until both sides are golden brown.

Cook the pasta in a pan with a little salt added to the water. You are going to want to keep a little of this water for the sauce so remember to save some when you drain the pasta, once it's cooked. Whilst the pasta is cooking, cut the asparagus into pieces, and use a peeler to cut ribbons from the courgette. When the halloumi is nearly done, add the asparagus and courgette in the same pan, and cook for a few minutes.

Combine the tomato pesto, pasta, halloumi and cooked vegetables. Add a couple of tablespoons of the pasta water you saved earlier to increase the sauciness. Cook on the hob until warmed through and serve. This salad is just as good cold too!

Cara x

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