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Half Year Review

Back in April I made a list on all the things that I hoped to achieve before I was thirty. It’s only when going through my list now that I realise just how crap I have been at the half year mark! I think there is always the problem that if you write a list like this you just don't finish it. The same thing happens with any new year lists I create.

You can have all the best intentions in the world but, and I don't know about you, unless you actively address the list on a weekly/monthly basis these things just drop off to nothing. I have completed some, it's not like the whole list remains unchecked, but I'm going to have to seriously think about which I can achieve by my goal! With this in mind I have put the ones I fully plan to do by April 2018 in red, I guess the others can join by 'Forty things to do before I'm Forty' list!

The List (In no particular order)

1. Learn how to sew

2. Get a second tattoo

3. Join a dance class

4. Drive solo - completed

5. Finish a short story

6. Learn how to make puff pastry from scratch

7. Go Social Media dark for a week - in the middle of!

8. Visit Ireland, so I have actually been to all of the U.K

9. Have my portrait taken

10. Go on holiday in England – well I’m taking a night stay break in the Cotswold’s but I’m counting it!

11. Pay off the credit card – we were so close and then Pumpkin was ill and vet bills took over

12. Camp in the middle of nowhere

13. Go to a football/rugby match – all booked but Pumpkin being ill meant we didn’t go

14. Listen to a podcast - completed

15. Go to a karaoke bar

16. Read a classic book (war and peace, moby dick or something similar)

17. Make my own cookbook

18. Take a cross-country road trip

19. Go on a hike

20. Help out at a soup kitchen

21. Stop criticizing my body

22. Give blood – Appointment booked for December

23. Go Vegan for a week

24. Get my fortune read

25. Start a herb garden

26. Take a 'How To' class

27. Declutter my house

28. Eat at Dans le Noir

29. Learn how to apply makeup properly

30. Live this year to the fullest

Cara x

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