• Cara Goulding

Life in September

Does anyone else feel that this month has just dragged but nothing has really happened? Still with only 3 months to go until 2018 it's worth a couple of months going slowly. It's going to be a pretty measly list this month I think, the only thing I have really achieved has been finally losing the nails I had managed to grow and maintain for nearly a year due to boredom gnawing. But still, just for you here's what I've been loving this month.


Five books for a book review coming to a blog near you soon! I'm not wanting to give anything away but they are my favourite genre and I have been enjoying them very much!


Outlander - The two old series and the third new! Don't you love going back and watching a show in preparation for a new series?! Every time Sam Heughan comes on to the screen I question why I'm not making him part of my daily watch routine.



Also Stripey tops including this one!


Dolly Mixture - Did you know it's so bloody hard to get hold of a bag in your local store, apparently a dying sweet breed. But still my fave so I stock up when I can!

Orange Juice - I've never really been a fan, only liking the freshly squeezed stuff but because nobody has time to squeeze oranges in the morning I've been making do with shop bought. With pulp though. Obvs. And preferably from EAT because they actually do freshly squeeze!


Misbehaving - Labrinth

More & More - Karen Harding, Tom Zanetti

Heartbeats - Jose Gonzalez


Autumn - It's the most wonderful time of the year! Gone are the uncomfortable dresses, thigh rub and sweaty foreheads and in are the cooler, bonfirey evenings with jumpers and Chai Tea lattes and Christmas just round the corner. Can anything make me happier than the season changing?!

Trips to Ikea - I finally convinced Leigh that we needed to go to those pearly blue gates of heaven and have a 'browse.' I just love that shop so much, SO MUCH HOMEWARE. Anyway needless to say I may have picked up a few necessary things, including a new plant for the house (which I plan on keeping alive this time!) You know how it is!

Cara x

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