• Cara Goulding

Five Fave Fashion Finds: The Red Edition

You'll have noticed that I mentioned 'Red' in my October Faves, and that's because I can't get enough of the colour at the moment. Red has always been a shade that suited my hair and skin tone so I am thrilled that it's the AW fashion colour of 2017 because it means there is lots up for grabs for me.

With new bits being added to my wardrobe/dresser all the time I wanted to share my five current faves with you.

1. Red Scarf - H&M

I can't find this scarf on the UK website (so have linked the US) but it was in store in Oxford St last week so it may be best to have a look see in your local branch.

2. Red Cardigan - George Asda

So they list it on their website as Orange but it's that gorgeous shade of Vermilion, and definitely looks 'redder' when you're inside. It's also soft, has pockets and is a good length.

3. Red Tassel Earrings - H&M

I've mentioned these before but as they are rarely off my ears I thought I should probably put them in. Similar to the scarf, they are almost impossible to buy online but they do still have a rainbow of colours in store.

4. Red Lipstick - Bourjois

The only lipstick I ever wear are the Bourjois Velvet Range. I have them in most colours and love the pigment, wear and matte look once dry. A trusted fave of mine is the Jolie de Vin in a deep red.

5. Red T-shirt With a growing bump I was looking for ways to hide it in the early days and so I bought this t-shirt (not maternity), also from George Asda (I also got it in grey). It's soft touch, v necked and so comfy to throw on over jeans/leggings. It's not in red online, the link is to the grey version, but in store they have a selection of grey,green,red and cream.

Cara x

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