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Life in November

It's hard to say how quickly this month has gone because the first part absolutely dragged because we were waiting to see our first scan but the last couple of weeks have gone so quickly because we are now just ticking along and Christmas and 2018 are nearly here.

Mostly November has consisted of staying in because I'm sleepy and pubs aren't so much fun when you're drinks options are limited but I've still got some things to share with you.


All the Little Children - Jo Furniss


Mostly just a continuation of all the shows from last month. I haven't started anything new this month, but do let me know if you have any suggestions.


Comfy Clothes - Jumpers, Baggy Tops, T-shirts because comfort is everything

Maternity Clothes - I just ordered my first round of maternity clothes including dungarees and stripey tops because if you don't own something in navy/white stripes are you even really pregnant?


Apple Tango

Strawberry Laces

Pick n Mix Sweets

Fresh Fruit/Berries


I Know You - Craig David & Bastille

Tip Toe - Jason Derulo ft French Montana


Being Pregnant - I can finally add this to my favourites list! I mean, I'm not loving all the ailments that come with the pregnancy but I am loving that we will be expecting our child in 5 months and we got to see it in the scan this month too.

The Creeping of Christmas - Everywhere you look everyone is gearing up for the best month of the year and I saw the Coca Cola advert last night so now it's official.

Seeing Friends - We went to surprise my friend in Wales at the beginning of the month and it was worth the 7 hour drive just to see her face light up at the end of it. I think it's so important to make the effort for the people that are most special to you.

My Maternity Pillow - It's like being hugged by two snuggly clouds and keeps me so warm. We've got it in an attempt to stop me turning on to my back when I sleep but it's become my new fave.

Cara x

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