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First Trimester Essentials

Updated: Jan 17

Being pregnant in the early days when no-one else knows is hard. It is such a huge life change, usually filled with excitement, so trying to keep that a secret becomes a challenge in itself. They'll be a blog post coming about the best way to hide impending parenthood in the early days but for now I wanted to take you through some of the essentials that made the early days slightly bearable when all those pregnancy symptoms started to kick in.

Hopefully you will find something in the list below that will help you too if you ever need it.

1. Maternity Night Bra It’s no secret that I have quite big boobs. Which normally I don’t mind at all, I’m quite proud of them. But when they turn into giant balls of pain it’s not so much fun. So one of the very first things I bought was a maternity night bra so that when I turned in the night they at least stayed in place and there was less impact. It’s been my best clothing purchase I’ve ever made in my life to be honest. I got these two from ASOS. 2. 4head Wow! I did not realise how much I relied on medication until I could no longer take it. Enter 4Head, a couple of swipes across your…wait for it…forehead, and you are nearly as good as new. This stuff has actually been such a life saver as my little love has been bestowing headaches on me left, right and centre. I’d definitely recommend if you are prone to headaches too. 3. Ginger Nut Biscuits 'What a pregnancy cliché,' I thought. 'I won’t need biscuits to get me through,' I thought. Turns out I was SO WRONG. I dread to think how many ginger nut biscuits I consumed in the first trimester, they were everywhere. I kept a pack by my bed, some in my coat pocket, a packet in my desk drawer, the list goes on. 100% worth it if you are feeling unwell. See also - Ginger Beer, Stem Ginger and Ginger Tea. 4. Baby Books

Of course the moment we found out that we were expecting I wanted to read every last thing I could about the changes my body was going to go through and about baby. I went and bought a few books which I have found really helpful. 'What To Expect When You're Expecting' by Heidi Murkoff was of course top of the list. I also picked up Clemmie Hooper's, 'How to Grow a Baby and Push It Out,' because I'd heard good things and I wasn't disappointed. Both books have been very helpful when I have a questions and I'm trying to avoid the inevitable internet spiral.

5. Lemon Squash Another thing that got me through the weeks of nausea was lemon, apparently consuming and even smelling lemons can help relieve morning sickness but I also think it may have been a craving on my part. Anyway, all I could drink for weeks was lemon squash or lemonade - it didn't matter what brand as long as there was plenty of it. I'm adding it to the essentials list in case it is able to help you and you haven't tried it yet.

6. Leggings

This is a last minute addition but seeing as I have been wearing them pretty much every day since I took the test I thought it only fair to include them. Being comfortable when you feel so awful in the first trimester is key. Leggings don't constrict stomachs at all and they are just the comfiest darn things that were ever invented so just wear them whenever you can. For ultra comfort I'd recommend these maternity ones.

Cara x

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