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Highlights From Twenty Seventeen

You know how everybody always says, 'where did the year go?!'

But seriously - where did the year go?!

When I was thinking back over this year and it's highlights I realised that a lot of the things I wanted to include were actually from 2016 because this year has almost been blink and you miss it. If I'm being honest, not an awful lot happened in the first few months which meant when it came down to it there wasn't that much to talk about. BUT I have put together a short list of all the happy memories that have really stood out for me in 2017.

Getting Pregnant

Obvs. I mean this pretty much trumps all other 2017 highlights because being pregnant with mine and Leigh's child is the most wonderful feeling even though it has come with a whole heap of emotions and symptoms I wasn't expecting! To think that in just 4 months we will have a baby is the most exciting thing of all. I am prepared for it to be one of the hardest and loveliest experiences of my life and I also think I've prepared myself for my priorities changing but with the big 3-0 approaching I think it is probably time.

Holidaying in France

In August a small group of us flew out to France for a few days and stayed in a lush house, canoe'd, drank lots of wine and ate lots of cheese. It was lovely to get away and spend time with some of my favourite people. Sometimes you just can't beat having quality time and laughing until your face hurts. It's no secret that I love to do a bit of travelling as well, so any new cultural experiences are a win, and despite visiting many places around the world I had never holidayed in France until this year. The cheese alone will be enough to make me return. You can read about it here.


After a couple of years away it was great to get back to Glastonbury again. My 7th time and I still love it as much as the first time, if not more, because of the wonderful memories I make there. Highlights this year included Craig David on the Pyramid Stage, hanging out with one of my very closest friends, Foo Fighters, Royal Blood and staying up until 7am talking to strangers. You can also read about this one here.

First Wedding Anniversary In October we celebrated making it through one year of marriage which was a wonderful weekend filled with weddings and an anniversary meal in the Cotswold's. We do plan on being together forever so I'm sure every year will be special but there's nothing like saying, 'Cheers to us for making it through the first one!'


Way back at the beginning of the year I FINALLY went to Scotland for the first time ever. We stayed with my cousin and her boyfriend for the weekend and it was nice to experience a little bit more of Britain than just the south. It was a beautiful city and definitely one that we will be returning to, although maybe this time we might remember our suitcase. You can read about that fun story here.

All of the Weddings

We had seven weddings lined up this year and they have all been as wonderful as the next. Not one has been the same but they have all been filled with such love and happiness. My personal favourite has to be watching my little brother get married. I spent the whole day in floods of tears but I was so proud of him. I'm a bit sad that we don't have a single one lined up for next year, although we do welcome a small recharge!

Seeing more of London

My new job started in January and throughout the year I have actually experienced working in the city and some beautiful London skylines. 2018 marks my 7th year in the city and I've been saying forever that I should get out and see more. My job has enabled me to do that and to appreciate the beauty in what can sometimes seem like just a grey space.

Cara x

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