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New Year's Resolutions

Aside from, 'Did you have a good Christmas and New Year?' the question that's also on everyone's lips is, 'What are your New Year's resolutions?' I normally have a list of resolutions as long as my arm that I never keep, from finally finishing a novel or short story to losing 3 stone. Inevitably I won't keep any of them, and tell myself that it's fine because they are meant to be broken anyway.

It's all a bit pointless but has become something of ritual anyway.

The topic of conversation came up when we were in the pub celebrating the end of 2017 and everyone had a couple but when it came to me, for once, I had none.

I haven't given it any thought, I haven't made any lists, and for once I'm not sure that there's much I want to try and achieve in the day to day scale. I've stopped myself from putting pen to paper and focusing on unrealistic goals that I won't keep.

Because, let's face it, my number one resolution for 2018 is to have a baby and try to keep it alive.

Everything else just seems redundant in comparison. Instead here is my list of anti-lutions:

  • I'm not going to be able to diet because I need to have lots of nutrients for baby

  • I'm not going to have time to write a novel because I'm going to be busy with baby

  • The only exercise I will be getting is from lifting a growing child

  • I wont be able to save any money because I'll be on Maternity Leave and you know, paying for a child

  • I might get out and see more of London but it will mostly be around the streets that I live, because am I hell getting on a tube with a pram

I realise that this all sounds a tad negative but it's not meant to be so. For anyone that knows me, they know that I have to have a plan. Goals to aim for. Heights to reach.

For me to say, actually I'm not going to set any resolutions, and instead just look forward to the year that's ahead with no pressures and no preconceived ideas of how I should be performing is anything short of a belated Christmas miracle.

It's been quite freeing actually. The last couple of days where I haven't had to think about what I'm eating, other than, 'Is it good for the baby?' has made a nice change from the ten years of - you must diet and eat salad!

I think there might be something in this no resolution thing.

Cara x

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