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Pregnancy Buys: The Brands

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Looking at a list of all the things you need for a newborn can be a little bit daunting. There are so many opinions on what you need and what you can do without, but I have tried to be sensible when buying and focus on the things I am sure I will need (with the odd luxury thrown in).

I will have to come back to you on what I have actually used in a few months as I obviously have been unable to trial these yet but I thought you might find it interesting and/or helpful to see what we have bought.

Pushchair/Car Seat

Mothercare Journey

The one stipulation for our pram was that it couldn't cost more than the car. No mean feat when prams seem to cost the earth. We couldn't believe the prices on some of them when we were looking. I mean they were beautiful with all sorts of features but can you really justify spending £1000 on a seat with wheels for your baby? We took a trip to our local Mothercare and had a look at some of the options before settling on the Mothercare Journey. It comes in a variety of colours, includes a car seat and most importantly it doesn't cost the earth at £299. We got ours in 'Sand' as it seemed the most unisex friendly, although we also considered the Khaki.

Moses Basket

Family Heirloom

I was advised against getting a moses basket by several people as babies tend to grow out of them so quickly that they are a waste of money. BUT I'm lucky enough that my mum saved my own moses basket from when I was a baby, all it needed was a new stand and liner. So I've saved money and I get the added cute factor.

Camberley Cot Bed


We weren't expecting to buy a cot, we were initially meant to be using my baby cot, again saving some money. However when my parents took it down from the rafters they realised that they didn't have all the bits. We were disappointed but it did give us an opportunity to purchase something with more longevity. We had a look at lots but in the end settled for the Mothercare Camberley Cot Bed which at the time was better than half price and should last our baby well into toddlerhood. It was easy to assemble - it didn't even need a screwdriver, has 3 different height modes for growing babies and then turns into a cotbed when they are big enough.

Bottles & Breast Pump


I was going to wait until after we'd given birth to buy some bottles but after talking to my Mum she said I should get some in just in case. I plan on breastfeeding but if it doesn't take or if I have to express to help out the feeding than I suppose it is better to have them on hand. I wanted a electric breast pump but they cost a fortune and after trialling my handheld pump and seeing how that felt, I am almost to scared to try an electric one! We bought our set in the sale so have saved some money on a package deal.

Chest of Drawers/Changing Table


After mentioning to my sister in law that all we needed to buy was a chest of drawers for the Nursery, she mentioned that she still had hers and she'd be happy for us to take them. Brilliant news for us as these things add up without you noticing. The drawers that she has can also be used as a changing table which is an added bonus as I was just going to pop a changing mat on top of any chest we bought but now don't have to.

Baby Bath


I've heard only good things about the Angelcare baby bath so we bought this based on hype rather than reviews. Still it looks like it could be incredibly helpful when there's a slippery baby to contend with and I LOVE that it comes in grey as well as pink and blue.

Changing Bag


It was love at first sight with this changing bag. I knew that I wanted something that both Leigh and I would feel comfortable carrying so anything overly girly wasn't going to work but luckily for my husband I wanted something quite muted anyway. Finding this changing bag in grey was just a bonus. There's a changing mat attached with magnets, thermal pockets for the milk bottles and cute little drawings on the inside to indicate which pocket should carry individual bits. My mother thought it was a little pricey but I assured her that compared to some changing bags £50 was actually quite reasonable!

Nursing Chair


I really wanted a chair for the Nursery, somewhere that I could sit and do night feeds. Armchairs are expensive though, who knew?

I loved the IKEA Strandmon in grey but at £179 I wasn't sure it counted as an essential purchase. Imagine my delight then when I found the exact chair, in the right colour on Gumtree for £99. I didn't even know I was pregnant at the time but I went to go and buy it anyway because it's just perfect with it's deep seat, high back and arms for resting elbows whilst feeding.

Baby Monitor


We ummed and aahed for a little bit about getting a video monitor but decided in the end that we could save ourselves a heap of money if we just got a normal one. To be fair we did go one up from the standard and get one with two way communication, a night light and lullaby option which can be done remotely through the parent device and an alarm setting so you can keep track of feeds etc. We also got it in the sale so saved a little bit here as well.


I hope that some of this is helpful if you are currently looking for brands or thinking about what to buy in the future. Like I mentioned I am unable to speak for the durability of any of the items (except for the 30 year old moses basket!) but I will do a post as mentioned in a few months to let you know how we are getting on.

Cara x

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