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Picking Our Baby's Name

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

I’m the kind of person that’s had a list of favourite baby names since I was old enough to name my toys. Although some have fallen out of favour, Faye for instance, it’s clearly always been in my mind that I would one day have my own baby and I would have to go through the process of deciding what to call it.

It’s actually quite a daunting task.

Not only do you have to find a name that both partners agree on (if you are a single mum, you can go wild!) but it has to be a name that will fit the baby, toddler, child, teenager, adult and pensioner. As cute as the name Bear may seem on a two year old (believe me I would have this if Leigh would let me) it's not going to have the same impact in a board meeting as Richard. Likewise Richard seems far to grown up for a baby.

There’s also the minefield of nicknames, what does the initials spell, can it be shortened to anything that you don’t like that much. I love Madeline but I’m not such a huge fan of Maddie, which would inevitably become the nickname. My friend loved a pair of names but realised that with her surname the child’s initials would be STD which was going to be a nightmare once anyone realised so she had to abandon the names.

Other things to consider: What does the name mean? Is it too popular? Too obscure? Will anyone be able to pronounce it? My heart was set on Aoife, but absolutely no-one (unless you’re Irish) knows how to say it and the poor child would be spelling it her whole life (It’s pronounced E-fa in case you were wondering!). Will you also pick a middle name? Or two? Or go with a new trend and give the child your maiden name (if married) as the middle name.

For us, not knowing the sex of the baby, we’ve also had to pick names for both sexes and also a back-up name in case it pops out and we’re instantly like ‘you don’t look like a {insert name}’

We bought a couple of name books and set to the task at hand. Both mine and Leigh's names and spelling are quite unique, I have only met a handful of Cara's in my life and most of them spell the name with a K. I LOVE having a slightly different name though, and I wanted to try and find a unique name that wasn't too out there. The problem is, so does everyone else, and you soon find that names that were once quite original are now soaring to the top of the names list.

If you have any friends that are teachers now is the time to get in touch with them and find out how many Olivia and George's are in the class, especially if you are looking for a name that isn't in the top 100.

We didn’t have many struggles with picking a girls name, we came to our first choice relatively easily and it was all pretty much decided. We liked the spelling and the meaning, had an affectionate nickname picked out and both 100% agreed. However, when we considered back-up names a couple of months later we found another name that we ended up preferring and so we’ve switched them around.

When it came to boys names however we ummed and aahed. We looked at name books and websites, we looked up meanings instead of names but although I found some I liked (Gus Goulding anyone?!) Leigh was turning his nose up at my choices left, right and center. Rupert got rejected, as did several others I wanted. The fact that we have eventually not only managed to find a boy’s name, a backup AND we agreed on a third name on Friday is nothing short of a miracle.

So now we just have to wait and see a) what sex the baby is and b) what it looks like. I am itching to get some personalised prints, baby blocks etc etc but I’m just going to have to wait.

You’ll have noticed that I haven’t actually said what the names are. I know some people don’t say anything because they worry that people won’t like their choices but in my opinion it’s not really up to other people. When they get to name their own child they can call it whatever they like, it’s all personal choice.

We loosely decided that we aren’t telling people, there are a few people that do know our choices, but as a whole we are keeping quiet on the names. It’s another nice surprise for everyone else then.

But I couldn’t leave you with nothing! I’ve seen a lot of these videos floating around Youtube so thought I would make my own list of ‘Names I Love But Won’t Be Using,’ (mostly because Leigh has vetoed them I might add):

Who knows, maybe I will get a chance to persuade Leigh of the names above for our second child! Only 12 weeks to go until we see exactly what our little one will spend the rest of life being know as.

Cara x

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