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What's In My Baby's Hospital Bag?

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

I've tried to hold off for as long as possible to pack the hospital bags because I wanted to have some fun things left to do towards the end of the pregnancy but with the possibility that baby may have to be induced early I've actually ended up packing the bag a couple of weeks early rather than the 34 weeks I had planned just to be on the safe side.

The bag itself I picked up from Mothercare, you can find it here. This was one of my earliest purchases and will be the nappy changing bag once the baby is born. I love it because:

a) The colour

b) Leigh can use it without feeling like it's too 'girly'

c) The changing mat is attached with magnets which I think is the coolest thing ever

Deciding what to put in the bag was relatively easy, it was the outfit choosing that was the hard bit. How on earth do you know what size clothes to take? Especially with baby currently being on the small side I have no idea if the newborn (up to 10lbs) bits we had bought will even fit.

I bought some 'tiny baby' baby grows and a couple of sleep suits (up to 7lbs) last week just in case.

Not knowing the sex has also proved tricky when trying to find a 'going home' outfit, so I've stuck to my favourite palette of cream and grey!

I've included a few hand knitted bits from the granny's - to be worn on the way home so they don't get mucky straight after birth. I've packed a couple of cheapy hats from H&M as well though that I don't mind getting grubby.

I also don't know how long we will be in for, especially if emergency c-sections are involved so I have packed outfits for a couple of days, and luckily we are only an 11 minute drive from the hospital so if we need anything extra Leigh can pop home and get more clothes for baby and me.

I've had Leigh pack the bag as well, so he knows where all the bits are and he's confident grabbing something if he needs to.

So what's actually gone into the bag:

Baby's Hospital Bag

10 Nappies (plus a pack in the car)

10 Nappy Bags

Nappy Cream

Water Wipes x 1

Muslin x 4

Hat x 2

Scratch Mitts x 2

Babygrows (varying sizes) x 3

Sleepsuit (varying sizes) x 3

Jumper x 1

Leggings x 1

Going Home outfit x2 (dependent on size of baby)

Cardigan x 1

Socks x 2

Baby Blanket x 1


Lucozade zero, it's GD friendly and I can drink it throughout labour

I keep thinking that I've overpacked but then I would rather be safe then sorry! Please let me know if I've forgotten something completely obvious. Ideally I'll be breastfeeding so I haven't packed any bottles or formula. Also as I said before, we aren't that far from the hospital and Mothercare is even closer so if we are in for an extended stay we have options.

It's all very real now the hospital bag is packed! But I feel so much better knowing that we can grab it in a second should something happen between now and then.

I will be doing a 'What's in My Hospital Bag' post next week so keep an eye out for that, if you'd like some inspiration or a good old nose.

Cara x

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