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What's in My Hospital Bag?

Updated: Jan 17

Last week I bought you 'What's in Baby's Hospital Bag?' and this week it's my turn!

We had the same dilemma as the baby bag – knowing exactly how long we were going to be in the hospital for – but like the baby bag I packed enough for a couple of nights and remembered not to forget about Leigh!

Again I don’t know if I’ve packed too much stuff, I tried to think about it like we were going away for the weekend and what we would take, apart from I’d mostly just be in a nightdress.

I don’t think I’ve ever owned a nightdress in my life, I’m a pjs girl with socks and a jumper through and through but the baby isn’t going to be able to come out if I’ve got trouser bottoms on so I have to make some concessions I suppose.

Actually searching for the nightdress proved tricky, I wanted something to cover my arms but still be quite open at the front for skin to skin. In the end I settled on a black t-shirt in a size 20 which just about covers my bum, and this one from Amazon which hasn’t arrived yet as it’s coming from the US but I liked the colour. Everyone has said wear black to hide the blood but I figured red would do the job too. Besides I suit red and I’ve got to look good for those post push pictures!

Having never given birth before it’s hard to know what exactly to pack, but I’ve tried to cover everything. I’m putting all our stuff into a travel suitcase on wheels so Leigh doesn’t have to carry loads of bags into the hospital.

I’ve also used the same tactic and had Leigh pack the bag so he knows where everything is.

For Me Dark nightdress x2 Socks x2 Slippers Nursing bras x2 Night maternity bra x1 Nipple Pads, handful Maternity Pads x 1pack Black Underwear x 5 Going home outfit - Maternity Leggings/Jumper

For Leigh T-shirts x 2 Jeans x1 Boxers x 2 Socks x2 Jumper x1 PJ’s (in case of overnight stay)

Washbag Toothbrushes/paste Deodrant – his and hers Lipbalm Nipple Cream Mini Shampoo Shower Gel (unscented) Body Lotion Face Wipes Hairbrush/Hairtie Towels Basic makeup – Eyeliner, Mascara (probably won’t wear but just in case)

Important/Additional Maternity notes Mobile Phones Chargers & a Charge box Camera/Tripod/SD card/Batteries x2 Books/Magazines Headphones

Food/Drink Lucozade Zero x 2 GD Friendly snacks – Babybels, Pepperami, Green Apples, Peanut Butter, GD Brownies Bottle of water Can of Coke x1 Crème Egg x1

For the Car (just in case I don't make it!)




Water You’ll have noticed that I’ve popped a few sugary treats into the bag so once baby is out I can indulge. I don’t know what I’m more excited about to be honest – meeting the baby or my sugar high! I mean obviously meeting the baby…..maybe.

I hope this list helps you if needed, it may change dependant on circumstance! If you have a csection I’ve heard that you are in for several days so I’m going to put some clothes aside at home that can be grabbed if needed.

Only a maximum of 6 weeks to go, time is going to fly.

Cara x

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