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Baby Shower

Updated: Jan 17

Maybe it started as an American tradition but I'm glad baby showers have made their way over to the UK because what could be lovelier than spending the day with all your favourite women drinking prosecco and eating cake? I've been looking forward to my baby shower for months. It has been a little shining beacon in a pretty miserable third trimester. My mum hosted at my home in London and as I mentioned it was so warming to be surrounded by people that care. We played games, chatted lots about the Baby, scared a few non pregnant friends with facts and I opened lots of beautiful presents for the baby. You could see how much thought had gone into each item which made it all the more special.

Baby Shower 'Hello World' selection

For food my mother and I teamed up making Lemon Cheesecake, Victoria Sponge, Chocolate Brownies and Lemon and Poppyseed Cake. All of the recipes came from gestationaldiabetes.co.uk so it meant that I could indulge as much as I wanted without hurting the baby one bit!

I also treated myself to a glass of prosecco which made the occasion seem special. A hard cheese board and crackers were also provided, along with deli meats and hummus so I could pick at those as well.

We took some time halfway through to pair up and complete the 'Smelly Nappy' challenge. Leigh had smeared some nappies with all sorts of things including hoi sin sauce, curry sauce and melted chocolate brownie and we had fun trying to guess the smell. The guests were also asked to cut a length of string to the size of me and bump, some cheated and used a balloon to mimic my tummy size.

They all had to make a tiny baby out of plasticine, some using their creative freedom quite liberally. We also had to guess each other's baby photos which proved much harder than anticipated.

Leigh came back to the house after being banished to the pub with his father in law to help me open baby's gifts as I thought it was only fair he was included in some of the fun. Gifts included children's books, clothes, wooden toys, sleeping aids, a mobile, a baby carrier and much more. They have all been installed in the Nursery ready for their owner. When the last piece of cake was eaten and the alcohol had run dry my friends and family left in a gust of snow with lots of hugs and kisses. This is one lucky baby to have such a beautiful bunch of women to help it grow and become the person it is going to mature into. I'm so glad I got to spend a day celebrating the pregnancy and impending arrival of our little one.

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