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Nursery Tour

Updated: Jan 17

I have been so excited to share the Nursery with you all. It is BY FAR my favourite room in the whole house which is probably a good thing as I'll be spending lots of time in it I'm sure.

The journey to completion actually started before I even knew that I was pregnant. We live in a rental but luckily our landlady has always said treat the house like it is yours and so I begged Leigh to at least let us try a few tester pots on the walls and pick a colour for when we did eventually fall pregnant and start decorating.

We decided that white walls were rental friendly and as we didn't know the sex it made sense but grey is my favourite colour so I wanted to add that in around the room so we decided to paint the existing shelves a light grey.

Next up I started to look at nursing chairs and fell in love with one from IKEA in grey, although for a bit I did contemplate the palm leaf print version. We actually managed to pick one up at a reduced price from Gumtree and drove down to Wimbledon pick it up. Again, I didn't think I was pregnant yet so it took some convincing Leigh that we needed a nursing chair with no baby to nurse but by happy coincidence we found out we were expecting not long after that so I'm glad we picked it up.

It has become a bit of a room feature and an ideal little nook by the window where I'm sure I will spend lots of time feeding, reading and playing with the baby.

Of course once I knew I was pregnant it was full steam ahead and I've been adding to the Nursery bit by bit for the last 8 months And now it's finally all come together and I'm so happy with the way it's turned out.

Nursing Chair | Gro Egg | Drawers

Trinket Dish - Wilko (in store only)

We've not added as much grey as I'd originally planned, and perhaps more colour than I'd originally envisioned opting for splashes of colour in books and prints on the walls. The two large prints in the room are actually wrapping paper that I've framed, and once baby is born and we're certain on a name we plan on getting a 'letter' print. I've also been picking up lots of postcards over the last 8 months and have popped some of these in frames.

One of my favourite things is the clothes rail we installed. There wasn't enough room for a changing table and wardrobe in the room and I really wanted to create a bit of a feature out of the clothes because they are too cute not to display. We did a bit of DIY and I sawed the ends off a broom and painted it grey to match the shelves. Leigh screwed some hooks into the shelf and we used some of our wedding twine to hang the pole before I selected my favourite pieces of clothing to hang.

Llama Jumper | Cactus Romper | Leopard Romper | Striped Dungarees

We were originally meant to be installing my old cot into the room but unfortunately not all the pieces could be found so in the end we bought a cot bed from Mothercare, working on the basis that this would grow with the room and our baby. My mother in law gifted us a pom pom mobile, which worked with the other pom pom type bits we had the room. Originally I had thought that maybe we would lightly explore the theme of 'clouds' for the Nursery but it has ended up a little pom pom themed, with the mobile, armchair cushion and string lights wrapped around the lamp.

I've tied in the grey colour scheme with sheets to match and a hand knitted blanket from Granny. Also from Granny & Grandad is a giant elephant baby pillow which I'm sure the baby will look adorable cuddling. (It goes without saying that I know all moses baskets/cots need to be kept clear of toys when the baby is sleeping).

For the first six months the baby will be in with us, sleeping in the moses basket that I had as a child so this will move into our room once the baby is here but for now I've left it in the Nursery. We bought a new liner and rocker for it as it was looking a little 80's when I picked it up from home.

Our chest of drawers/changing table were secondhand from our sister in law and we've added a changing mat on top so we have a functional and practical space. We've hung the wrapping paper pictures above the table so that baby has some colourful pictures to look at whilst being changed.

Cot Bed | Changing Table | Frames | Animal Print | Jungle Print | Mobile | Changing Mat

I wanted the room to be filled with lots of different books as Leigh and I are big readers and I plan on reading to the baby every night before bed, even when it's tiny. There are some beautifully illustrated ones and these work well as visual focus as well as adding some colour into the room. I'm looking forward to sitting in my chair and reading them to the baby.

There are lots of little knick knacks and gifts on the shelves which I think compliment the overall playfulness of the room and I'm sure will be added to over time. Of course Pow sits and watches over the Nursery, Leigh's Christmas gift to me and baby is still my favourite thing.

Pow | Books | Beatrix Potter Wooden Toys | Lightbox | Baby Journal

Now all we need is a baby to complete the room and that might be sooner than we think so I'm glad I was so prepared and started to work on the Nursery so far in advance. We cannot wait to meet the little one and it's so easy to picture them in the room that we've spent so much time lovingly creating for them.

Cara x

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