• Cara Goulding

Father's Day

On Sunday it was Leigh's first Father's Day which is a very momentous occasion! Of course he was very excited about the first official parent milestone and we had planned to get in the car and drive for a proper day trip out, just the three of us.

Unfortunately though our car failed it's MOT so whilst we were waiting for it to be fixed we were homebound. We considered getting out in London but travelling on the tube with her I spend the whole journey stressing she's about to wake up and I won't be able to change her and feeding would be tricker. I still haven't quite mastered feeding under a muslin, preferring as a whole to just discreetly go without. I digress!

Instead we decided to keep it local and go to a pub that we know does cheap, good food and take a walk afterwards. I've never done so much walking in my entire life as I've now done since having her.

We went to the Ferry Boat in Tottenham Hale for a Sunday roast. Leigh was able to get a special Father's Day version with an extra yorkie, pigs in blankets and cauliflower cheese. I treated myself to half a rhubarb cider, I only wish I could of had more! That's the problem with breastfeeding and being a responsible adult...

Rosie had her lunch of milk before falling asleep on my shoulder. I'm mastering the art of doing things one handed and managed to eat my whole roast in this way. I covered her with a napkin and I was good to go, lucky I did as gravy has a tendency to drip.

We finished the meal off with our new favourite pudding, Carrot Cake Roulade. I'm going to try and recreate it when I get a moment, not too sure when that will be though, I don't have a single moment to myself at the moment!

After lunch we headed into the Walthamstow Wetlands for a (slightly chilly) walk. It's amazing how much more we are seeing in our area now we have a baby, she actually encourages us to get out of the house.

It will be so good for her to explore the little pockets of nature that can be found, even in London, as she gets older.

For now though she slept the whole way around snug in her pram wrapped up in Granny's knitted cardigan and under Nanna's blanket whilst Leigh and I were able to talk for a bit. It's so difficult to find a moment to spend together, normally if I've got the baby he's doing chores or vice versa.

After we'd taken a walk we headed home, collapsing on the sofa, exhausted. We don't have the same energy we once used to!

I think it's so unfair that Dad's only get a couple of weeks to get to know their new baby. How can they properly understand their little ones cues or become a familiar face that can sooth when they have only a couple of hours a day in which to leave their mark. And yet Leigh has managed to do this, and much to my dismay, he got the first smile out of her. I say dismay because you'd think it would be the person that feed her every day but nope, she saved it for Daddy. I don't mind too much though because it's probably a fair trade - I see her all day so he should get some firsts.

I think she must see a breathe of fresh air in him, and his desire to be more playful with her than perhaps I am.

It must be so hard for new dad's to bond with their child because they didn't have to carry them around for nine months. They weren't constantly reminded by kicks. But despite all of this he has bonded with her, I see it when he looks at her and exclaims in wonderment 'Look what we made!'

He is going to be such a lovely father for her, teaching her that it's ok to like Dinosaurs and Science, that she doesn't have to be limited in purely 'girl' pursuits. He is going to play with her every day and find happiness in seeing the world through her eyes. When she bumps her head he will be there to kiss it better and hopefully with a little bit of practice he might even get better at dressing her!

Father's Day is about celebrating all the men that try to do their best by their children and to encourage them to be their best every day.

So here's to you, Daddy to our little girl! You are doing a brilliant job already and we are only just getting started.

Cara x

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