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What's in my Baby Changing Bag?

I've been meaning to do this post for a while especially as I found others like them so helpful when I was pregnant and thinking about what I would need in my changing bag.

It is so strange for me to not have a handbag anymore, its now essentially Rosie's bag with some of my things thrown in. After carrying a bag in some form for the majority of my life I constantly feel like I've left it behind somewhere, as it's usual home is on the pram and not on my shoulder.

I spoke a little about the bag itself in my Baby Hospital Bag post, which you can find here. I really liked it when I bought it, it has lots of little pockets, the changing mat is included and magnetic and the colour is neutral.

My one regret though is getting a shoulder bag and not a backpack, I'm not really sure what I was thinking. I suffer with my shoulders and back so when I'm baby-wearing I tend to grab a canvas one and take the minimum as the bag is far too heavy. Hanging from the pram though I'm still happy with the choice.

I probably still overfill it but I thought, at nearly three months in, I've got what I need when I leave the house down to an acceptable minimum.


We use Pampers (although really need to try the Aldi nappies everyone raves about) and I normally make sure I've got about 10 nappies in there just in case I stay out longer than I think, if we have any accidents, or if any other mum friends are running low.

Water Wipes

The only wipes we have ever used, and boy do we use them! Not only for her but for cleaning sticky faces, hands, anything really. I know cotton wool is better for the environment but there are some things that I'm not sure are worth the additional mess/fuss.


My nappy cream of choice, I haven't ever used anything else because let's face it...it's magic cream. I love the tiny pot that I can carry around with me.

Nappy Bag

I keep a couple of nappy bags in case of emergency. I don't usually use them because of the environmental impact but if I need to put soiled clothes somewhere they are quite handy.

Breast Pads & Lanolin Sachets

I don't tend to use these as much anymore, my milk supply has settled down for the most part and I don't leak all over the place but I like to keep a couple in the bag just in case! The lanolin is also left over from when I'd just had Rosie and I don't really need them but I like to carry a couple.

Cotton Wool

Handy to have a couple in the bag in case we stay somewhere overnight and we need to give her the evening bath.

Nail Clippers & Thermometer

Rosie's nails grow at an alarming rate so I like to keep them in the nappy bag so when I notice that she's scratched herself for the millionth time I can cut her nails even when we are out. I have also left the thermometer in the bag in case we end up away from home and need to check her temperature.

Spare Clothes & Socks

I mentioned earlier that when I baby-wear I reduce my bag down but an absolute must, no matter what bag I'm carrying, is a spare change of clothes. I make sure I have a bodygrow and a pair of leggings. I also carry a pair of socks in case it gets chilly or she loses the pair she is wearing


Another bag essential is a muslin. I am currently making sure I carry one of my big patterned swaddling muslins as Rosie is really in to patterns so I can also use it as entertainment when we are out.


More for my benefit than hers I think, I'm waiting for her to realise that if she holds it and shakes it makes a noise but I don't think it will be long as she's started to show an interest in objects and has started reaching out for them. Her rattle is from Mamas and Papas and is a companion to a comforter she also has.

My Personal Bits

There's a little pocket at the front of the bag for me to put all my little bits and pieces including my purse, minimal makeup, nail file & a mirror. I ALWAYS make sure I have a hair tie as it gets quite warm when I'm holding and feeding. Other handbag staples include my headphones and a pen.


Breastfeeding is thirsty work so I make sure I have a small bottle of water in my bag. I absolutely hate not having something to drink at all times.

Changing Mat

Our one came with the bag and is essential. I pop it on top of the changing stations or if there are non available on the bathroom floor whilst I change her. I also use it when she wants to be lying down and looking around, normally with a muslin on top for comfort.

And that is all the bag has to offer. I reckon that if you ask me again in another three months I'll have lost even more 'bits' but will instead have a bagful of toys to keep her entertained, such is the life of a mum.

Cara x

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