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Three Months with Rosalind

This was the month I was least looking forward to because it means that she is no longer classes as a newborn and that is quite terrifying because after 9 months of waiting for a baby, I'm not quite sure how we got to the stage that she is now quite so quickly.

And I know I say this every month, every week, every day but can time please slow down?

She looks at me now, and I mean she really looks at me, and she just looks so bloody happy to see me all the time. When I leave the room she will twist her head to see where I'm going and it's just the sweetest thing. We are starting to build such a wonderful relationship even though she's still so tiny.

I am desperately trying to hold on to every single memory and I'm taking hundreds of pictures every day because I don't want to look back and not remember.


Feeding continues to be the same, and has dropped off slightly in the day and she's done with the night feed altogether. I don't feel like I'm constantly feeding her although perhaps this is a bad thing as her weight was a little lower than expected this week. In an attempt to remedy this I've been offering her the breast all the time and I reckon she might be feeding a bit more than she was but overall I think she might just be levelling out and finding what suits her which is why there was some weight difference.

A big development , I finally got an electric pump and my life is so much better. I don't have to waste time I can just stick it on and it does all the hard work for me. They are pricey and I got mine second hand but I reckon it's worth it, and this is coming from someone who said they wouldn't get one.


Can you believe it, she's sleeping through! We currently put her down to bed at 10pm and she now sleeps until 7am which is just unbelievable. We are now trying to move her bedtime forward although at the moment she is just shifting the hours so when trying to put her to bed at 9pm she's waking up at 6am. The goal is a 7pm bedtime but that will mean a 4am wake up so I'm dragging my heels on it a little because it's nice to have a 'normal' sleep again.

She's still in her Moses basket although I've had to wedge it under my bedside table as she's now tilting it with her weight. I don't know what we are going to do as she gets bigger, the cot would have to be dismantled if it were to come into our room but I don't know if I'm ready for her to move out before 6 months.

Naps continue to be hit and miss, I've now learnt her sleepy cues - eyebrows go red and she rubs her face and ears but every day is different with where she sleeps. I always try and put her down in her basket to nap and normally lie next to her until she drifts off but a lot of the time she hates it and will start to cry, ending up sleeping on me. It's a habit we have to crack!


She has found her voice, and it's just adorable. You don't realise how one sided the conversation was until they start chatting back. Remind me when she's at the 'why?' stage that I felt this way...

She is giggling and flirting with strangers and is starting to really show an interest in what's around her when we leave the house. She also always has a smile for me when we wake up in the morning, another reason I never want her to leave our room because who wouldn't want to wake to a baby's gummy grin every day.

She still continues to be absolutely fascinated by patterns and enjoys nothing more than lying under her play mat tent clutching on to her comforter or muslin and whacking the toys with her fists.

Being bounced on my knee or swaying from side to side make her giggle, but the biggest laughs come when I blow on her armpit. She thinks the whole thing is hilarious. Bath time is one of her favourite times and we are getting more boisterous, pouring water over her head with big smiles. It's also her favourite place to poo so it's Poo Roulette when we take a bath with her.


Currently weighing in at 12lbs we have had a bit of a dip in her percentile growth, she's gone from the 25th bracket to the 9th but I've been assured by lots of mums that this is normal and nothing for me to fret about so I am trying not to even though it brought back lots of bad memories from the pregnancy and her weight issues. Still she seems happy and healthy and her thighs are chunky so I'll keep an eye on it but hopefully it is all ok.

Up until now she has always been happiest facing towards me but now I am able to 'sit' her on my lap facing out so she can see the world. She also loves standing on our legs and planting her feet flat. Neck control is good although tummy time still continues to be her least favourite activity so I wouldn't be surprised if she skips crawling and goes straight to pulling herself up and walking.

Me, Postpartum

I'm ok, apart from my little wobble with the weight, I continue to love being a mum. Leigh and I are trying to figure out how to share the load of a parenting, it's so hard when he's not around all day and doesn't see her. It means that more often than not she'll prefer me but that's not helpful when I need to get things done. Leigh helps at the weekends and loves bath time with her. She'll be starting swimming in a couple of months so they have that to look forward to together.

I am now officially out of the fourth trimester too which means everything is pretty much back to normal, I no longer have a newborn baby but instead an infant all ready to keep on growing.

Cara x

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