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Four Months with Rosalind

The start of this month seems like such a long time ago because in all honest the past two weeks have been hard work. Rosalind is going through some major developments and is definitely not a tiny baby anymore. We saw a 3 week old when we were out the other day and she looked absolutely tiny in comparison.

Like I said, this month has seemed quite long because every day has been a challenge and she requires much more entertainment now. Although I miss the easy days of sleep, feed, change, repeat and I'm not getting through quite so many boxsets I'm enjoying the interactions with her and seeing her grow.

I need to start thinking about making some changes to her baby equipment, she really can't last that much longer in her moses basket. Every morning she wakes up with her bum at the bottom and her feet waving in the air. There isn't that much space for her anymore, but I'm so reluctant to put her in her own room at only four months. At the beginning of the month we took her out of her infant insert on the carrier and she can now also face out although she isn't a massive fan. It is probably time to turn her pram into a pushchair as she is much more interested in the world now.

This has definitely been the month where she has really started to seem more like an infant, rather than a baby.


Feeding is pretty much standard now, although she's developed two fun new habits.

Habit 1: Using my nipple to aid her teething, those gums are like vices!

Habit 2: Getting distracted by the world around her and just pulling off to look around leaving me very exposed, especially in public!

I did a feed diary the other day and she currently has around 7-8 big feeds in a day, but I plan to monitor this over a longer period to track trends. I'm still very much breastfeeding on demand though.

If we wanted to we could start her on solids this week but we are continuing with the plan to start at six months unless she suddenly shows a big interest in food which she hasn't done so far. To be honest I'm quite pleased because I feel like that would really mean she growing up!

My breasts have had to step up milk production in the night again as someone is now feeling peckish but that's a story for the 'Sleeping' paragraph.


This category can be split into two halves.

The first half of the month Rosie was going to bed at 8.30pm after a successful transition from 10pm. She slept through the night waking at around 6.30-7am and took about half her naps in her basket, definitely heading in the right direction and we had just about mastered getting her used to self soothing and not just falling asleep on me.

The second half of the month has been COMPLETELY different.

She absolutely refuses to nap anywhere but on me, which before seemed cute, now it seems constraining. I should be cherishing this time, too soon she won't want to sleep on me, but I'm terrified of setting bad habits so its hard to enjoy.

My darling Rosalind has also started waking in the middle of the night again, which she hasn't done for about 2 months. It normally tends to be around 2am and 4am and she feeds both times. I had avoided reading about sleep regression because I didn't think it would happen to her, especially as she was such a good sleeper but I've finally started to read up and there is nothing good about the four month sleep regression at all!

I just need to keep trying to introduce good sleep habits and cross my fingers and toes!


Well Leap Four is a little bit crap isn't it.....I feel like that may be putting it mildly.

I'd like to thank my sister in law for telling me to download the Wonder Weeks app because otherwise I'd think my baby was broken.

For the last two weeks she has been the most grumpy little thing, and it's so out of character. I suppose if a very blurry world suddenly started to come in to focus and I was also learning how to do things like measure distance and grasp objects for the first time and not always succeeding I'd probably be frustrated and grumpy too. The leap lasts for 35 days but seems to have been taking over our lives for about 84 million years.

She is still ready with a smile for everyone she sees though, and is normally quite happy to be passed from person to person although is happiest when she is with me, something that makes me feel so warm and loved.

Rosie has also started to take notice of toys, she has her favourite - a bunny rattle - she can pull and chew on its ears. Granny has got her a second one just in case we ever lose the first! She also enjoys chomping on Gertie the Goose (her teether) and loves the Toucan which came attached to the play-mat. She can also grasp objects and put them in her mouth and has noticed her hands and likes to clasp them together like she's plotting an evil plan.


At last weigh in Rosie was 12lb 13oz and had gone back into the 25th centile which is a huge relief. She is growing steadily and we are just about to move the transition in to size 3 nappies as the 2's are definitely becoming a bit tight around the thighs.

We think she may be pre-teething as there is a whole lot of saliva and she wants to chew on everything. No teeth have cut through yet but I don't think it will be much longer until they do. Her hair is also really starting to grow, it's was fuzz at the start of the month but is getting there. We still aren't sure what colour it's going to be though and it changes from dark to blonde dependant on what angle you look at it.

We have completed all her jabs, so we don't need to worry about the trauma for another eight months which I am thankful for because I'm not sure who it hurts more when she has them done.

She no longer hates being on her tummy and will push herself up, although sitting or 'standing' are still here favourite positions to be in. Other developments include rolling on to her side although she hasn't quite mastered rolling all the way over yet. She has started to really enjoying sitting in her bouncer, she likes the view it affords her, but still loves lying on the floor under her mat the most.

Me, Postpartum

My poor hair is falling out! I am losing so much hair, I keep finding it all over her, me, the bath, and I'm clearing out my hairbrush more than I'd like. I didn't realise there was such hair loss once the baby was out.

I am maintaining the weight although haven't lost any more in a little while but that's ok, I'm finding I'm not so concerned with the way I look because I know that she doesn't care so why should I. I want her to grow up unconcerned by how she looks and happy in her body.

I've had my blood test results and I am happy to say that the diabetes left me when Rosie did! I have been given the all clear, although I do still have to be tested every year for the rest of my life.

But for now, it's all positive!

Cara x

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