• Cara Goulding

Five Months with Rosalind

Where has my little baby gone?

She has come on so much in the last few weeks that I'm finding myself looking back at photos of her as a newborn and feeling nostalgic. Isn't that meant to be saved for when they are nearly one?!

This has been a lovely month because we went away as a family for the first time and although she wont remember it, it is lovely to start making these memories. Leigh filmed it all as well so we will have a lovely little video to show her when she is older.

I really need to start thinking about child proofing the house because if I get it done in bits and pieces it will be ready for when she starts crawling. I'd say that we still have ages to go until we are there but at the rate she seems to be developing I'm not sure that we do have ages!


So it seems little Rosalind is suddenly all about the food. In the last week she has been determinedly grabbing food in our hands and trying to guide it into her mouth so it looks like we will be trying her on some solids a little earlier than expected.

I'm actually taking it really hard because I just feel like it's the start of her really transitioning away from the baby she seemed to be only yesterday.

When it comes to milk she has started snacking and doesn't have very many 'big' feeds. Instead she seems to prefer little bits here and there, so perhaps it is all relevant to introducing foods early.

She still gets distracted by the slightest thing, Leigh can't talk if she is feeding or she wipes her head round to find him. A fly flew through the room earlier and she got distracted. I wish I was joking.

I'm going to be doing some big blogposts on our weaning journey so keep an eye out for those!


We have managed to get her to nap in her basket again rather than on me, but only under very specific sleep conditions. There has to be rocking and there has to be white noise. I'm frustrated because I've now introduced sleep crutches which I'm going to have to work really hard to get rid of.

It also doesn't work very well with her sleeping in her cot in a few weeks because it doesn't rock, so I'm going to have to work really hard to get her to nap without it.

This month we had to deal with her falling asleep on her front a couple of times, something that put the fear of God in me because all mums are explicitly told NEVER let your child sleep on their front. There's not much you can do though when your child is intent on rolling. SO I spent most of our first holiday worrying as she was in a travel cot and had enough room to roll on to her front, however once we got home and she went back in her basket I was happy because it's too small for her to go anywhere!

Speaking of, I am really pushing it with this moses basket. It's definitely a good thing that she's on the smaller side and still has about 3 inches left before it really is too small. We might have to move her into her cot a couple of weeks earlier but we've managed quite well!


Oh the relief when she came out of the other side of Leap 4, I'm even bored of talking about it! But i'm happy to report that she is back to her usual happy self!

She is just like me, she loves people, and will just stare and flirt with everyone she meets. She also likes light fittings and labels and I'm not sure she can tell the difference between the three!

Rosie smiles all the time, and is free with her giggles. She especially likes it when we cover her face with a muslin and pull it off shouting Boo!

At the last weigh in Rosie was weighing 14lb 2oz and still in the 25th centile which is just fine. I've come to realise that I just have a small baby and THAT'S OK.

Physically there have been so many changes! It just seems that in the last couple of weeks she has suddenly gone shooting out of her newborn phase and straight into adulthood. Ok so not that quick but in the last few weeks she has not only learnt how to roll every which way but she is now also able to sit upright unaided without collapsing or tipping for a good length of time. I'm still not ready to leave her without pillows surrounding her but she's getting there.

She was a clever little thing with her rolling, I was trying to stop her from rolling on to her front to sleep by putting her by the edge of the cot and so she learnt to roll the other way too!

We also started her swimming lessons this month which was very emotional. She doesn't seem to like it that much at the moment but I'm hoping she learns to love it and it's just the shock of being dunked underwater!

Me, Postpartum

My hair is still falling out at an alarming rate, I know it's all normal but it doesn't stop it being any more annoying.

Otherwise there is nothing else to report on me and I think I'll probably drop this section moving forward unless anything changes!

Cara x