• Cara Goulding

Six Months with Rosalind

My baby is half a year old! I can't do emojis on here but if you just picture gushing tears you'll know my face right now.

It's so strange because it really only feels like a couple of months ago that we were all tucked up in a newborn bubble and now every week there's a new development. I met with a friend recently and her baby is 10 weeks younger than Rosie but she felt so fragile and so newborn. Rosie has definitely become more robust and strong without me even realising.

I can't believe that this time again and she will be celebrating her first birthday. I'm hoping that I will be able to cling on to her babyness but she's just progressing at an alarming rate, especially this month it seems.


We've started feeding the little monster!

After a false start and a choking incident we parked the weaning for a couple of weeks and then tried again at 24 weeks and she took to it much better. We started her on something simple, just porridge mixed with breastmilk, which it went down ok. Then we tried her on vegetables - carrot, sweet potato, parsnips and it went down ok but again she isn't exactly loving them. We haven't found one that she gobbles down yet!

In fact it's a good thing that, 'food before one is just for fun,' because I haven't seen her eat more than a few spoonfuls of anything yet.

I have decided that for the moment I am just trying traditional weaning and finger foods, I like the idea that I am seeing how much she is actually eating, especially when I'm so keen for her to put on a bit of weight. I'm also looking forward to making her some tasty purees to try.

I am also going to be avoiding fruit, partly due to the sugar content, but also because there's no way she is going to eat Kale and Spinach if she could have Strawberries and Banana. So until she's tried every boring vegetable she doesn't get the fun stuff!

It's been fun so far though, the 'first taste faces' have been hilarious to see and she makes such a mess even though I'm spoon feeding her. I'm looking forward to introducing more flavours and spices as the months progress.


I've written a whole separate blog post about what we are doing with sleeping which you can read here but it's worth covering in her update too.

The first thing that's changed from last month, she's now in her own cot in her own room. There came a morning when she rolled in her moses basket and used the sides of the basket to lift herself up and that's when we knew that it was no longer safe for her. So the sad day came that we had to move her and oh it hurt my heart. Out of all her recent developments this one hit me the hardest, it just seems so grown up.

Since we moved her though her night sleeping has improved quite dramatically, she only wakes up once in the night now, rather than the three times that had become the norm. I mean sometimes I long for the days that she slept through but I think we're not actually doing too badly.

As for naps we are sleep training and I'm leaving her to cry it out but it seems to be working as the cry time has reduced and she's drifting off to sleep faster. She is only napping for about 30-40 minutes though so I'd like for those to increase. We are also trying to drop some naps too, she had four naps - two in the morning and two in the evening but we've dropped one from each so she's now going down at 9.30am and 1.30pm. It's hard work to keep her awake until the bedtime routine starts at 6 but if I try and put her down for a nap she just battles it so I try and distract her with toys instead.

Hopefully by the next update she'll have cracked it.


It is just one thing after another now, the developments are coming thick and fast.

She can now sit straight and doesn't need pillows around her, she tips occasionally but can style it out on to her front. This week she managed to pull herself up to standing for ten seconds using her cot, so now we need to drop it down a level or she'll be up and over it. She has also started clambering over me to get toys that she wants and is just that bit more mobile which means we seriously need to consider childproofing the house before it's too late.

In the last month we have moved her into her own room, started her on solids and switched the pram up so she can sit and look out at the world now.

Physically she is still a little bubba, the last weigh in only saw her gain 4oz and she now weighs 14lb 6oz. I'm battling with myself not to panic as she is still on the 25th centile and she looks healthy and happy. I'm hoping that with the addition of breakfast and lunch she will start putting on a bit more.

She has found her tongue and keeps sticking it out, it's even funnier when she does it in response to you. She also loves to blow raspberries, especially when she is cross about something and she keeps shouting nonsense.

Socially she continues to love people, and is happy being passed around which I'm pleased about as we'd actively encouraged this. She smiles all day long, especially at strangers - she obviously wants to win them over but she doesn't need to try too hard.

Looks like her blue eyes are here to stay but we are still unsure about her hair colour, it's starting to look darker but then in some light it's blonde so who knows which way it will go. Everyone says she looks like Leigh though so it would be nice to have a little bit of me in there.

Me, Postpartum

I have been feeling quite low recently, I can't put my finger on it. I think I haven't been making the effort in the day - days will go past where I haven't changed out of my pjs, my hair is tied back and I haven't seen anyone in a couple of days and that is just making me feel a bit down. The last week I've been trying to get dressed and put a little bit of makeup on, I can't have my hair down because I just battle with Rosie who is determined to eat what little hair I have left (Yes.....it's still falling out!)

I'm sure I will feel better soon, it's probably just because I'm feeling like time is slipping away and I'm worried I'm not capturing these early days enough. I need to remind myself that 10,000 pictures is more than enough!

Cara x