• Cara Goulding

Autumn/Winter Collection: Breastfeeding Edition

Back in the summer I did a Breastfeeding Fashion: Under £40 which was a huge success, so many of you got in touch to ask for the link to it. I thought therefore that I should do an updated version for Autumn/Winter.

Just a warning, not all of the bits below are under £40, this is more of a AW collection, although you'll be happy to hear that all but one are breastfeeding friendly.

I have to say, I don't know which Fashion Gods are smiling down on us right now but the trend for shirt dresses and button down tops is sticking around and I'm very much here for it.

Life is just so much easier when you are in clothes that work with you rather than against you!

It is so strange, I feel like I've found a comfortable place with my body. I think it's because I'm thinking, 'Well I'm a mother now, so it's just not that important.' I'm struggling not to spend my entire maternity pay on clothes for me though. Instead I'm adding to Rosie's wardrobe but I think it's important to remember to look after yourself as well.

I was having a conversation the other day with a new friend and she was really upset and down in herself. She just wanted to feel like she had pre baby, and we spoke a little about how much of a difference it makes when you make the effort. It's so easy to forget to do little things when you have a baby, especially if you don't plan on leaving the house that day.

I have spent probably 80% of my maternity leave so far in pjs with my hair up because what's the point in getting dressed and doing my hair when Rosie is only going to pull at it anyway. But when I do make the effort and get dressed, maybe try a styled up do rather than the usual bung it in a ponytail method I instantly feel so much better.

So really as well as being a post with some fashion ideas, its a reminder that you are beautiful regardless but if you are feeling low, try and do just one thing that you did pre baby and see if it makes a difference.

New clothes always have the ability to make me feel like I'm the best version of me!

Favourites from the below include no.10 (the one non BF-friendly dress) and no.8 - they would just go SO beautifully together. I also have no.12 and can confirm that it is as cozy as it looks. No.13 is a nice Christmas option, and I love the colour of no.15.

1. Burgundy Button Down Jumpsuit - George

2. Yellow Button Down Top - George

3. Green Embroidered Wrap Dress - M&S

4. Oversized Shirt Dress - Monki*

5. Dotted Wrap Dress - Monki

6. Black Stripe Chiffon Midi Skirt - New Look

7. Leopard Print Wrap Bodysuit - New Look

8. Rust Faux Fur Coat - New Look*

9. Ribbed Trims Sweater - Zara

10. Jersey Turtle Neck Maxi Dress - M&S*

11. Contrasting Piping Jumpsuit - Zara

12. Knitted Polo Neck Jumper - H&M*

13. Velvet Wrap Dress - Monki*

14. Lipsy Shirt Dress - Next

15. Satin Stripe Shirt Dress - Next

*Affilate Link

Cara x