• Cara Goulding

Maternity Leave: New Ventures

I'm sure 90% of women who head off on their Maternity Leave have grand ideas about how they will spend their time. Will they write the next hit novel, start a business or learn a new language? Could they be the next star baker or develop a talent for needlework?

Then, inevitably, the baby arrives and they realise that actually its all consuming and they are lucky enough to have a shower in the morning let alone brainstorm how to take over the world.

But despite all this in mind I really wanted to find a way to bring in a little bit of extra money, to keep me in coffee mornings at least.

All jokes aside, it's hard going from two full time salaries to one full time, and the last of a maternity leave pay. We've had to make some adjustments but it would be nice to retain some of our old lifestyle/my clothes shopping habit.

I've always loved photography, the majority of mine and my friends teenage years were preserved by me, I constantly had a camera in my hand much to the dismay of my friends who would rather have let the drunken times be forgotten.

When I started blogging I loved taking photos to accompany the posts, and found a real passion for food photography. I loved playing with the angles, lenses and lighting.

Once Rosie was born I wanted to preserve all the special memories and moments, so I started taking (millions of) pictures and quickly realised that I enjoyed that even more.

It was only when I was discussing options with a friend and she suggested that I looked at newborn photography, that I started to consider it. That maybe meeting adorable babies and taking their pictures was an amazing way to spend my Maternity Leave.

I ummed and aahed for a little bit, and doubted myself some more, because you never want to really admit to being good at something and then you worry that you won't be good enough. But a friend contacted me to say that she'd love for me to take some pictures of her little girl and suddenly it seemed that maybe this was plausible.

And so I decided to set up Oh My Goulding Photography and start taking bookings. It just all seems a little bit surreal to be honest but I'm enjoying it so much. It's nice to have some focus other than Rosie, and to use my brain again. It's so easy to get into a baby fog, and don't get me wrong I love the baby fog but there's only so many times I can say, 'What's that word again?!!?' before I'm going to start going crazy from under-active brain cells.

Setting up shop has given me a direction and also allows me to have some adult conversation with mums, allowing me to enjoy another passion of mine, meeting new people.

For now it's the odd booking here and there but who knows what this could become.

I'm currently taking bookings for Christmas Minishoots - £60 for an hour shoot with 10 fully edited images. To book a Christmas slot or if you are interested in a baby photoshoot then make sure you get in touch and email ohmygouldingphotography@outlook.com to book.

I am also taking editing work so if you have your own images that you would like retouched and edited contact me and we can discuss options.

Cara x