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Seven Months with Rosalind

SO much has happened this month, Rosie is just going from strength to strength and hitting all her development targets and then some!

It's such a lovely feeling the sense of pride you feel for your babies when they learn something new. It makes me so excited for all the things to come although I think I really have to start thinking about the next few months and what I need to do to make sure the house is safe


Despite saying that I was going to go down the Traditional Weaning route it seemed that my daughter has other ideas. She started clamping her lips shut and turning her head away every time I tried to feed her. Frustrating, but, we decided instead to try some Baby Led and it seems to be working just fine.

She's now eating Breakfast and Lunch, and seems to have finally taken to food. She has her favourites - broccoli, parsnips, bread and yoghurt (she's also partial to a sausage roll) and isn't a massive fan of banana which is funny because what baby doesn't like banana! We are still largely sticking to the no fruit rule with the odd exception, usually a puree mixed in with breakfast of porridge or yoghurt.

It's funny to watch her prod the food, turn it over in her hands, examine it and then eat it. She does it for everything which of course means it's mostly mush by the time it actually makes it to her mouth.

I'm still breastfeeding, no change there apart from a constant battle when she's distracted. I'll need to start thinking about dropping feeds in a few months ready for weaning her off the breast at one year, which is what I'd decided to do.


I'm happy to report that Rosie has cracked her naps, she will now grumble for around 10 minutes before falling asleep without interference from me. I'm so glad this method worked for us otherwise I'm not sure what we would have done.

She currently has three naps, we did try and drop a couple but I'm going off her cues and she needs the three (sometimes four) currently. She's pretty consistent with nap times though, going to sleep at 9am, 11.45am, and 3pm. The naps aren't very long though and are usually around 30-40 minutes which isn't long enough to really do anything for myself!

We've moved her cot down a level as she can pull herself up on the bar so I can already see this wrecking havoc on my back as she gets heavier but there's no way we can leave it up or she'll be over that bar and on the floor before we know it. She's already trying to defy me by sitting up and not sleeping when she's meant to!

Night sleeps continue to be the same, bedtime is at 7pm and she usually sleeps through until 2pm where she will wake up. I feed her and put her straight back down and she'll then sleep through until 7am which is her usual wakeup time. We had a random 7pm - 7am the other day and I got excited that she was going back to her old ways but it seems to have just been a fluke.


What hasn't Rosie learnt to do in the last month is the better question here.

She's determined to make me feel like she's growing up too quickly and this month has learnt so many new skills. She can now sit without ever falling, go on hands and knees and rock forward, get herself back into a seated position from lying down, pull herself up into standing and even managed a 20 second free stand with no support at all the other day.

We have also had a very clear Mama, making this her first word and me the clear winner of the Mama/Dada competition. Leigh didn't feel too disappointed about it though as it was soon followed by a Baba which although isn't Dada is clearly aimed at him. She has said both words as part of repetition and also aimed directly at us. I'm really excited to see what her first 'proper' word will be though.

The raspberries and errant tongue continue, and for a couple of weeks she was shaking her head at everything we said which was hilarious. That seems to have eased off now but so did the tongue for a bit but then she started again so I'm sure she'll remember she can do it again soon.

We've had a bit of a poo issue, she went about 8-10 a day for a week and I took her to the Drs in the end but he said it was just food related and her body getting used to it. We thought for a bit it might be teething but as there are no other signs yet it doesn't look like those teeth are coming through anytime soon. Something I'm actually happy about because I love her old lady gummy smile.

Weight wise, she is 15lb 5oz which means she's put on a whole pound since we last had her weighed which I am thrilled about. She is also still following the 25th centile line so is gaining weight at a reasonable rate for her. She is wearing a mixture of 3-6 and 6-9 clothes, although the 6-9 is quite big on her still. It does mean we are getting lots of wear out of clothes which is a bonus.

We have finished her first term of Waterbabies and Leigh got to see her underwater which was exciting for him. We wont be continuing with those particular classes because they are so expensive but I'm hoping to find some cheaper ones nearby so we can continue teaching her to swim and get her used to the water.

Socially she continues to be a people person. She saves all her love for other babies and children though, she loves staring at them and beams at them. I wonder if she realises they are little like her.

Me, Postpartum

My hair loss has FINALLY slowed down, which is great because I wasn't sure how much more I could lose. My little baby hair has also started growing in at the front so I'm looking great at the moment!

Weight continues to stay off which I'm thrilled about, although I am aware I need to be careful once I stop breastfeeding, I don't want to undo all the good work.

I keep having phantom periods symptoms once a month, not the cramps, backache etc but more the emotional side of things which is strange.

My blood test results also came back and they appear to be clear but I'm still going to go to the Dr next week to discuss why I'm feeling dizzy although it has got a little better in the last week or so. Hopefully they can help!

Cara x

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