• Cara Goulding

Day in the Life

I love seeing these little snippets in to people's lives and it's one of the most common questions that I get asked – 'What is your daily routine like?' so I thought I'd share my 'Day in the Life' with you.

I should probably add that 90% of the time I am found at home lounging around in my pjs with my hair in a bun but for you I made the effort to get dressed....

Our day usually starts at 7am when Rosie will wake us up, this is a pretty consistent wake up time unless she has woken up around 5am for a feed, in which case it's usually 8am.

Either Leigh and I will go and get her, and bring her into our bedroom where I give her some milk and nappy change. It's becoming increasingly risky to do anything on the bed as she's rolling and crawling all over the place but it's the easiest place for my tired self to be in the morning.

We've recently changed things slightly, until recently we would lounge in bed for a couple of hours before I put her down for her first nap of the day. As we are now giving her three meals a day however, I try and get breakfast in before her first nap.

So we head to her room to pick out her outfit for the day, I try and remember to take a quick picture for my Insta stories and then I battle with her to get dressed. She hates lying down and wants to be standing at all times so it is a fight to get her tights on.

Once dressed we have a morning read, I prefer to do this now rather than at bedtime as she usually is in a bit of a grump once we've got her out of the bath. I make sure I do this everyday as it's so important to me that she has a love of reading. Both Leigh and I are bookworms so I'm hoping she will be too!

Story time over, we go downstairs and I pop her in her high chair whilst I make us breakfast. We eat together, usually the same thing, which will be porridge with different flavours and toppings but she has been enjoying greek yoghurt with blackberries so this morning she has that and I have some cereal.

After liberally wiping her down with wet wipes we move to the living room for a short play before she starts rubbing her eyes for her first nap of the day. This is usually around 2 hours after she wakes up for the day.

Back up to the cot, and I can start getting ready now. I have a shower and dry my hair, if I'm going somewhere special or I think I have time I sometimes can get away with curling my hair but for the most part I either straighten it or stick it in a bun. I get dressed and head downstairs to attempt to get some washing up done before Rosie wakes up.

I don't get very far as her naps are usually only around 40 minutes, and today is no exception. Pretty much on cue I hear her on the monitor.

I bring her back downstairs and we have a feed and a cuddle before enjoying some play time together, I'm trying to teach her how to clap at the moment with little success but we also practice her object permanence and stacking. We have a range of wooden and plastic toys for her, all her plastic toys are mine from when I was little – they've really stood the test of time – although the telephones are a little old school.

She normally goes down for her second nap of the day around 12.30pm which is when I'll have lunch and try and get some more done from my to do list. I've been trying to get into the habit of writing one out everyday to try and focus my mind. It's so easy to forget things, they weren't kidding about mum brain.

Once she is up from her second nap, she treated me to an hour, it's time for lunch. Again we usually have the same thing with a slight variation- i.e. she gets more vegetables. All our bread is homemade (I have a bread maker) and I love that I know exactly what is going into it.

Today's lunch for me is a roll with chicken and homemade cranberry sauce (festive!) and Rosie gets a bit of bread with philly, yellow pepper, cucumber, tomato, chicken and some cheddar cheese. She tends to just smoosh it all in her gums until it's a sodden mess. She won't eat anywhere near the amount I plate up but I have to allow for her chucking food on the floor.

I'd rather be able to feed her purees but the lady wants what the lady wants!

After lunch we have a quick photo session outside as some brand rep clothes have arrived and I need to get the photographs across, today's dress is from My Bud and Bear. It's getting harder to photograph her now she's on the move and I spend half the time moving her back into place to get the shot. This is actually something I tend to do on a daily basis, I take photographs of her to use either on my Insta or to practice my photography skills.

Once I'm happy I've got a couple of pictures to send over it's time to get ready to leave. We need to pop into town to pick up Daddy's birthday cake and wrapping paper and then go to the pub for a Mum Christmas meet up.

I make sure I've packed a couple of nappies, wet wipes and a change of clothes. It's amazing how significantly the amount of stuff I pack has decreased.

She goes into her snowsuit, but I can't find her hat and snood so I decide to risk it because I'm running late. I try and be on time usually because I'm determined not to become a Mum that uses her baby as an excuse. We'll see how long it lasts once she is refusing to move and put her shoes on!

We go to Sainsbury's first to pick up the bits. I'm a bit cross with myself because I always make Leigh a birthday cake, I've done it for seven years but there just isn't time this year. I can't commit a couple of hours to make it because Rosie just won't give me that time.

On the walk to the pub Rosie falls asleep in the pram, a little early but I'm hoping it will be a longer one so I don't have the battle to keep her awake until bedtime. She usually has her third nap around 3.30pm.

We arrive and Rosie is still asleep so I grab a drink and head to the back room where all the mums are gathering. It's a battle with the prams but we put the empty ones outside so there is more space. There are about 30 of us so there's lots of babies and chatter. I catch up with a couple of friends and we stay for a couple of hours. I would have stayed longer but Rosie was rubbing her eyes and getting grouchy so I decided to leave with the hope that she might danger nap on the way back.

No such luck though, the minute we leave the pub the fresh air revives her, looks like I could have stayed after all, but I head home anyway.

Once we are back I stick CBeebies on to keep her distracted. I try to keep TV time limited, but sometimes needs must. It doesn't keep her entertained for long though and she's soon trying to 'help' me wrap Leigh's presents. It's a bit of a mission to keep her away from the paper/scissors/sellotape but I manage to get them both done.

We play for a little bit longer before it's 5.30pm and time for Dinner. This is a new addition, she's only been getting food in the evening for a couple of days now. She tends to have leftovers that I've kept back from our dinner the night before.

Tonight it's Paella on the menu so there's lots of new tastes with the chorizo and rice. I cook some broccoli off as well, it's her favourite so if she doesn't like the main meal at least she is getting some thing. I needn't have worried though as it's a hit!

She absolutely loved the chorizo, chomping down with her gums and smooshing broccoli all over her face.

Once dinner is done it's just after 6pm and time to start the bedtime routine. We go upstairs and whilst the bath is running we play. I'll pretend to eat her all up or run toward her, it's always guaranteed a giggle which is a sound I never tire of hearing.

Undressing her is another battle as she keeps trying to roll over to crawl but eventually I manage it and she's in the bath. She loves splashing around, although her favourite thing to do at the moment is pull herself up on the side so we have to be super vigilant.

Once she is out of the bath, the dramatics start the minute I try and get her into her sleepsuit. She has always pushed her luck with this bit of the day right from when she was really little. No matter what we do she will always end up getting upset so we try and do it as quickly as possible.

Leigh arrives home just in time for a cuddle before bed, it depends on when he finishes work/how the tube is but normally he makes bath time and can help with getting her ready for bed. Today though he was busy so he missed it. It does make him sad when he doesn't see her so I usually try and push her to stay awake just for one quick hello.

I aim to be giving her the last feed in a dark, quiet room by 7pm. She normally takes both breasts and it will get her off to sleep. Sometimes we have to rock her, sometimes she will go to sleep but wake 20 minutes later and we will have to go and soothe her again. Leigh normally does this bit so she doesn't smell me or the milk.

Tonight though is a good night and she stays asleep so we have dinner, watch a bit of TV and I do all the things I've been trying to do all day – like this blog post....

Night x