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Eight Months with Rosalind

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

I swear I just did one of these? It's the last update for 2018 as well, it seems crazy that I started doing these in April.

A few more milestones hit this month, she's right on track (if not a little advanced but shhh, I don't want it to seem like I'm bragging!) and it turns out there's a massive difference between a stationary baby and a mobile one.


Food just seems to have taken off, and she is finally showing signs of interest. We are now sitting down to three meals a day, and I'm following the guidelines of 2-4 tablespoons of food per meal but I'd say she normally eats around 2 comfortably.

I have also relaxed the no fruit rule as she's a girl that loves her veg so I don't need to worry about her preferring fruit over vegetables. I'm really happy that she seems to like green veg, even Brussels Sprouts! Not a massive fan of peas though which is a bit random.

BLW is going really well and we have had minimal gagging incidents and no choking incidents since the very first one nearly 2 months ago. I do wish she'd eat purees so I could see how much she's eating/to avoid all of the food on the floor but she seems to have got the hang of it and there's definitely less food waste than there was at the beginning.

She's trying new foods every day and likes the majority, breakfast is usually greek yoghurt with berries or porridge. For lunch she has some bread, meats, cheese - picky bits and for dinner she has what we've had the day before. It's working really well at the moment but I'm really going to have to plan once we start introducing snacks as well.


Rosie is starting to stay awake for longer now, going between 2.5/3hrs for naps but her nap time still remains at about 40 minutes. I'm still waiting for these long 1.5hr naps I've heard so much about.

I have found the last couple of days I've put her down for a nap and walked out like normal and she cries. It's not the kind of crying you can ignore so when I go back into her she is standing up in her cot screaming Mum,Mum,Mum. I'm hoping it's a separation anxiety thing rather than a nap training regression.

Night sleeps continue to be the same, bedtime is at 7pm, she normally wakes up and fusses about 20mins after I put her down and Leigh goes up and settles her again. Once she's settled she usually sleeps, with only one wake up, until 7am.


We have a mobile baby! She surprised us both by picking up crawling really quickly, from one day of commando crawling and then the following day up on hands and knees and moving away. It's been two weeks now and she's getting speedier and speedier, I'm spending the majority of my day following her around and moving her away from hazards.

And there are SO MANY HAZARDS! How lovely and calm my life was before I saw every little thing making it's way into her mouth. It's especially fun with the Christmas Tree. I kid. It's not fun. But at least she hasn't pulled it down on top of herself yet.

I've also invested in some corners for tables so she doesn't hurt herself as she is now pulling herself up on everything but hasn't learnt a graceful dismount yet and spends half the day falling over. For the most part she doesn't cry, just looks a bit shocked to find herself flat on her back.

Fun milestones that she has picked up; she has learnt how to clap! And will do it in response to me saying 'clap' and also copying when I clap at her too. She's still not doing it with enough force to make a sound so I'm looking forward to seeing her face when she eventually does. She has also said her first word other than Mumma/Baba and it's Bye Bye!

The first couple of times she waved her hand and mumbled something I looked at Leigh and said, 'No way!' but with a little bit of extra coaxing and some repetition she now very clearly says bye bye whilst waving. It seems insane that she has come on so much in such a short amount of time.

In the last couple of days she has learnt object permanence and is now able to remember that something is under a blanket, a skill we have been working on for a couple of months so I'm glad the practice has paid off. Not so glad that she'll now start to remember where I hide my phone.

Still no teeth, and no signs of teething either!

Weight wise, she is 15lb 8oz which is only a 3oz gain in a month, something that I'm trying not to stress about. I'm trying to remind myself that now she's crawling she'll be using up more energy and she wasn't very well for a couple of weeks (with poogate). She is still following the 25th centile line so it's not something to worry on.

This month has also seen Rosie join her first baby modelling agency, proving what I have known all this time.


In all seriousness I'm really pleased and hoping that it will be a little side income that I can put away for her.

She has been SO clingy, she has started hugging me really tightly every time I try and put her down and she is always looking around to see where I am. I secretly love that I am her favourite person, followed closely by Leigh of course.

There is a whole heap of personality developing as well. I've never known such a cheeky baby, she has this look where she knows that she shouldn't be doing something - the tongue comes out and the giggles start. She loves being chased, and being kissed by 'kissing monkey' (a soft toy monkey). Her favourite colour seems to be yellow as she always goes for the yellow toys first and she likes music too.

Me, Postpartum

I've only gone and started my bloody period haven't I! There I was blissfully unaware and thinking I wouldn't have one until I stopped feeding but it's back after 16 months off. I haven't missed it at all. I'm happy to say that although I've heard horror stories about the first one, it was just like the ones pre pregnancy.

Hair loss has fully stopped much to my relief and my baby hair is growing in nicely.

I'm also still keeping the weight off so I continue to eat all of the cake but I think all the walking/breastfeeding/chasing after Rosie is helping me out.

I can't believe we are heading in to 2019 where my baby will have her first birthday! I hope you all have a lovely Christmas time!

Cara x

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